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X-Plane Warbirds

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  1. X-Plane Aermacchi MC200 Saetta

    X-Plane Aermacchi MC200 Saetta. Aermacchi M.C.200 Saetta operated by 369 Sqdn, 22 Gruppo Autonomo Caccia Terrestre, Regia Aeronautica, Russia 1941. The aircraft is considered the best fighter of the first generation in service with the Regia Aeronautica. It fought on every front and almost 1160 were built. In service this fighter was replaced by the more modern M.C.202 Folgore. This model has been built for X-Plane 9.31. It is fully animated. By Paolo Matricardi. Fiat A.74 RC.38 engine sounds by Chris Wraight. Animated pilot by Bertrand Augras. Animated propeller by Andrey Kozyaruk.


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