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    • Dearly MSFSX,   KRDU FSX Scenery--Raleigh-Durham International, Design By Ignacio Villegas. Just good nice and very good fps/framesec. .    Interest its different zip, which the best FSX Scenery KRDU - Raleigh-Durham International Airport is rdu11fsx.zip Doesn't bother me not bad, some problem terminal building need to fix and all tree with block wall and night need more lights pole ground gate.  a while ago today mine screenshots 2-21-2024  Firefalcon   Show here look    
    • Departing Coff's Harbor. At it again... Three legs completed. Post info tomorrow.
    • Wow, what an endurance adventure. The level of commitment, aviating, navigating, weather guessing, food tasting, beer drinking, story telling, picture taking, and just good old FUN is beyond words. Time for a bit of a rest and catch up on real life (darn it). And a hearty hear hear to TomPenDragon for keeping us all relatively in line. Well done, Good show, Bravo Zulu.   Oh wait... The eastern route isn't finished as of yet. Ignore everything above.  
    • Historically, MS has used the Flight Simulation platform to showcase new component capabilities. It will not surprise me if the download info and storage footprint is significantly lighter. At the same time, it will not surprise me if DDR5 memory is optimized, M.2 data transfer speed exploited more effectively, or even better use of new CPU technology (for example, large cache). How this develops for specific hardware requirements is still enigmatic at this point. I suspect most modern systems that run MSFS 2020 well, will still work in MSFS 2024, but will  they find ways to use Arrow Lake or AMD 9000 CP:Us for optimization, we don't know?   
    • Hello everyone,   I made a private Nomination to Tom, and he asked me to post it publicly so here it is.  Starting the ball rolling.   I nominate Kit. His write ups have great screenshots and are very informative.  And his flights are all well executed.  The Amphibian theme up the east coast will be fun to watch too. Best regards, Melo  
    • Looks good to me. I am using your v3.9 edits and your Reshade preset plus a few of my own tweaks. It looks marvelous.
    • Hi Everybody, Just checking out my latest night lighting edits, I have three slightly different settings in the three computers. I'll make various adjustments until I find what I'm looking for, but I believe I'm headed in the right direction.    
    • Yeah I did notice that. I'll try it.  The one that comes with the add-on isn't exactly amazing. The autopilot is frustratingly frustrating. 
    • JSMR, you probably noticed I use the following freeware panel that I think came with the Mike Stone model. The MS model is actually quite good. The attached panel works well with the FSD model. Panel.zip
    • I have, thanks. There are some great looking F1 type cars that could be fun. Some are better than others & most work in my P3Dv4.5 & I've also found that Dirk Stuck's cars & quad bikes work well.
    • Ah just got it. THe dummy folder didnt have the correct module or some other folder in it.  If you know how to operate the autopilot I'd love some help...it doesnt seem to want to work at all. Looks good though. 
    • JSMR, I don't remember having any problems installing. I know you have purchased it so PM me and I may be able to help.   ScottishMike
    • I have this problem. An aircraft, bought for a rally I couldn't do, and now it's costing me money. So I ring my agent in Australia, Clem Clackett (what the Americans call a good 'ole boy) and ask him to put the aircraft up for sale. He tells me he's just moved from... to... and, despite being incredibly busy with the move, he'll add the aircraft to the Clackett Air Sales site.   Several days later, he tells me he has a mature couple interested in the aircraft and he's arranged a test flight that afternoon. He's had the Cessna washed and polished so she looks her best. The couple turn up. With him on board, they take it for a flight West of Perth, and, after getting used to the controls they put the aircraft through its paces... some short take-offs and landings... they taxi back to the hangar and park the aircraft. Now dealing with agents has always been a problem, as seen here in George Sheridan Knowles picture of two guys from Redcoat negotiating with an agent of a leasing company. Although, I have never, yet, set fire to an agreement, I have torn up two or three in my time.   Eventually, a deal is done. I get back the purchase price plus a little extra, the agent, Clem Clackett, gets his fee, and the couple get a really nice aeroplane.   Don't you love a happy ending!
    • Great job mate!!  Quite the job to do all of that.  I still have some leg pics to show. Only fair I do that. 
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