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  1. Hi guys, sorry I was distracted elsewhere. It's true I have given up modeling and simming but Jan Visser and I have given Gordon Madison of Sim Outhouse the C-47 source files and he has our permission to create a true native MSFS version (not a silly portover conversion). He has also got permission to do the C-97 and the B-50. This may take some time because Gordon has a number of other projects in hand, both scenery and aircraft, and I understand the SDK isn't complete yet either. Meanwhile Aeroplane Heaven are busy creating their MSFS DC-3, and since they have a very efficient development structure you will see something from them soon, I am pretty sure. Let's wish them well ... as long as they don't ask users to open the hamburger door when starting no. 1. :) Cheers Manfred
  2. Dear fellow simmers, As we all know here, piracy is a terrible thing. Our Digital Dakota Works team has just seen a new variant of it, a quick and decidedly dirty MSFS2020 portover of our popular freeware C-47. As was to be expected, the thing is largely dysfunctional in MSFS, causes CTD’s, and generally looks and flies terrible. Still, the downloads go into thousands. Because I am given a “credit” in the upload wrapper - clickbait, clearly - these faults attach to my name and some simmers are even asking what am I going to do about them. For the record: I am not going to give permission for a MSFS portover, ever. I was able to talk to two PD servers that had the illicit upload and persuaded them to take it down, and to their credit, they did and apologized for it. There is one organization that does not respond to multiple contact form messages and continues to have it on offer. The site goes by the name of Allflightmods.com: The biggest all flight simulator mods website. The uploader hides behind the name Treyeastland, on another upload it was somebody named Zach Gloss. I would be happy to speak to these people, but am unable to contact either or the webmaster of the site. Perhaps if they see this post they can drop me a line. Here is my request to all simmers: do not download it, do not fly it, and if you see any pics or vids or threads related to it make it a point to comment and possibly link to this thread. Many thanks. Manfred Jahn
  3. Can't seem to find it myself any more. Try searching user 'lazarus' and 'beverley_x.zip'. He originally released it at Sim Outhouse.
  4. Sorry for the duplicate posts, for some reason the page just wouldn't update.
  5. Black means it doesn't get its textures. Check folder structure and cfg calls. Does the Monitor panel show after loading? (It should, even on a black airplane.) Note there is another Beverley model around and the two do not share any textures.
  6. "All black" usually means the model doesn't access the textures. Could anything be wrong with the folder setup? On loading the plane, do you get the 'Monitor' panel? Do the textures show in the aicraft selection menu? Note there is another Beverley version around, and the two are not compatible.
  7. "All black" usually means it doesn't access the textures. Check your folder structure, folder names etc. Do you get the 'Monitor' window when loading the plane? Note there is an earlier Beverley model, too, which is not related to this one.
  8. I was able to replicate the situation when activating speed control in Monitor>Autopilot. Once you do that, possibly inadvertently, the gauge takes over throttle control. Luckily Monitor indicates the current state and allows you to turn it off. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. Not on my setup (or anyone else's that I'm aware of). Perhaps try a reload of the aircraft, that sometimes settles things, and make sure Autopilot speed control (Monitor panel) is OFF. What if you use the joystick button to increase throttle, do they move with that? Or the climb/cruise presets in Monitor?
  10. All files plus instructions (readme) for installing the Airdrop functions here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gpil4d6sxg0bzd3/Beverley_Airdrop_Tweaks.zip?dl=0
  11. Sorry, still mystified here. Which panel window are you not getting? And which do you expect?
  12. Sorry, what's an FSX panel? No panel window in panel.cfg is named 'FSX'. Are you looking for a 2D cockpit panel? There is none, we haven't used one for over 10 years.
  13. Hi guys, glad you like this ugly duckling. Got to report one minor error, unfortunately I included the wrong startup smoke effect file - b50_EngStrt1.fx - in the upload package. Simply make a copy of it calling it Bev_EngStrt1.fx, or edit the line in aircraft.cfg under [Effects]. Thanks, and sorry about that.
  14. I'm not Jan Visser but I can nevertheless tell you this. 1. Throw away version 3.12, it's outdated. 2. Download the latest 3.1406 version from link below (it has all fixes). Pay careful attention to the readme.txt as for running this in p3d v4+ you have to substitute the panel.cfg by an alternative provided. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0s9ozq4cgjkaxvd/c47_31406c.zip?dl=0 3. Alternatively, there is a dedicated P3D 4.4/4.5 (but not v5) special HD version available from Sim Outhouse. In their library search string "KN660". This one runs out of the box. But it can only use a few dedicated repaints, mostly also available from Sim Outhouse.
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