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  1. You'll need something like Axis and Ohs software: https://www.axisandohs.com/ There are others out there, but I'm no expert on cockpit building but hopefully someone who is will chime in here.
  2. 8 downloads

    Features engine, flight dynamics and ground handling improvements. Fully compatible with all third-party liveries. Includes Wheels, Skis and Amphibian versions. The amphibian is slightly slower in the air, but has much improved water handling. Simply drag and drop the "tiger's pc6 mod" folder into your Community folder.
  3. I have mine set up on my throttle quadrant, but I'm sure you can assign the command to anything - under the Power Management settings, look for DECREASE CONDITION LEVER. You might have to press and hold your button for it to work.
  4. I'm only seeing the malware warning on downloads from flightsim.com, downloads from other sites are fine - this is with MS Edge browser.
  5. 37 downloads

    Features mainly ground handling improvements. Fully compatible with all third-party mods and liveries. Simply drag and drop the "zzz-tiger's dc3 mod" folder into your Community folder. Please do not remove the "zzz-" prefix or this mod won't work with the Duckworks mod. Ground Handling improvements: Rudder re-configured to create more yaw than roll effect. Tailwheel steering effect minimised to allow more rudder control. Various weathervane effects and associated forces minimised on the ground. Take-off and landing is now possible in up to 20kts crosswind.
  6. Press the keyboard 'End' key to toggle Cockpit/External view.
  7. Scotflight have created the definitive EGPD Aberdeen Dyce, and it's freeware too: https://flightsim.to/file/50356/egpd-aberdeen-dyce-airport
  8. Okay, one down - four to go. I think this is a club I'd like to join!
  9. Seriously? Good grief Alan, you're not a troll - if the mods are watching, I can vouch for ViperPilot2 and jgf!
  10. My God, this website has a "Wife" mode now!
  11. I notice that downloads have stopped over the last 24 hours, possibly due to the above message. Is this a site certificate issue by any chance? This error doesn't appear when downloading from other sites.
  12. To toggle the drone camera on or off, press the Insert key. Move Left: A Move Right: D Move Forward: W Move Backward: S Move Up: R Move Down: F Rotate Left: Number Pad 4 Rotate Right: Number Pad 6 Rotate Up: Number Pad 8 Rotate Down: Number Pad 2 Return to start point: Number Pad 5
  13. I always select whichever approach is heading into the wind.
  14. Yes you can: Create an IFR low or high level flight with an RNAV approach where available. Fly the whole flight including approach in GPS mode on the GPS or PFD; on approach select APR mode on the autopilot and you'll intercept the glideslope just as you would on a 'normal' ILS approach. On an RNAV approach there's no ILS frequency required or any other ground-based beacon used for guidance. A low-cost airline here in Europe (easyJet) are testing a new guidance system for the whole flight in this way - satellite guidance only is used for the entire flight: https://mediacentre.easyjet.com/story/16986/easyjet-takes-to-the-skies-with-iris-next-generation-air-traffic-communication-service
  15. You'll need a Navigraph Navdata subscription for that: https://navigraph.com/products/navigation-data
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