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    • Thanks to DreBoy14 we now have tow nice locations to fly helicopters; Penzance Heliport EGHK and Tresco Heliport EGHT. Nicely depicted with fun local flying area. Well done. These are new uploads to FlightSim FSX scenerey. Welcomed addition for any FSX helo flyer.    
    • Great series & especially enjoy the history.  
    • Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting faithfully accurate historic recreation of one of very first fights flown by Finnair airline's brand new first Caravelle which was from EFHK Helsinki-Vantaa Airport located in the neighbouring city of Vantaa 10.6 miles north of center of Helsinki to ESSA Stockholm Arlanda Airport located near the town of Märsta 23 miles north of Stockholm. Originally I thought the flight mentioned above was also first commercial flight flown by Finnair's first Caravelle which was the reason I recreated the flight and made screenshots out of it but after discussion with Finnish Aviation museum, the museum officials told me that the actual first flight flown by Finnair's first Caravelle was on 1 Apr 60 from Helsinki to Copenhagen but they assured me that the route from EFHK to ESSA was one of first routes offered by Finnair's first Caravelle. Presenting exciting recreation of one of the first flights by Finnair's first Caravelle Finishing pushback from gate 28 Nice wing view of the airport Turning on headlights Check out brand new tires!! Another wing view of the airport You can see the new headlight! Starting engines which result into white smoke as result of freezing winter weather Making long taxi to short of runway 04R Still taxiing while following well lighted taxiway strobe markings Notice the registration number of Finnair's first Caravelle What do you expect from Finnish winter full of high snows? Arriving at short of runway 04R holding position awaiting for take off clearance from EFHK airport tower controllers Still holding yeah EFHK is busy airport!! Check out DHL trucks in background Take off clearance is granted and time to enter into runway for take off!! Roaring down the runway spewing snow dust during take off run Airbore on climb to FL240 retracting its landing gear Still climbing with background view of highway route number 45 Making left 180 degree turn toward west Still in middle of the left turn while the plane's right wing is being engulfed by clouds Almost finished with the left 180 degree turn Now on straight westward path to Sweden with background view of entire city of Helsinki and its airport where you can see highwqay route number E12 running from bottom of screenshot straight to the center of the capital Another view of same area with background view of sunrise Now cruising at mach 0.71 at FL240 Sun is rising Nice wing view of sunrise Cruising past some Finnish towns Cruising Crossing Baltic sea which signals time to descend Passing Aland islands seen in background during descent Now at 5,000 ft Now at 3,000 ft Passing some tiny Swedish town Makng left turn to get ready for final runway approach to runway 19R Now on final runway approach Seconds before touchdown Ok ok one second more before touchdown TOUCHDOWN Braking down spewing snow dust Don't you love snow dust blowing?? Exiting from runway 19R on way to gate Still taxiing to gate Approaching passenger apron Arrived at gate!! Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight. Thanks to Finnish Aviation museum for assisting me in history of Finnair airline's use of Caravelles Regards, Aharon  
    • "Reaching out to the game's support team".   What a joke, Microsoft ended support years back, wasn't it in 2012?   Unless, of course, this is a would-be spammer, which we see on the forums at prepar3d.com.   Jorgen
    • Mw2019 has to be the most unoptimised game in terms of storage. The only other game I've played that wildly surpasses 100gb is RDR2. There is absolutely no need for a 6v6 shooter to be 220gb even with all the BR maps.
    • Downloaded and installed, will fly a little later. One of my best flying buddies from collage flew P-3's out of Brunswick in the '80s. I ran into him at the Cubi O'club, wow was he a  long way from home. Truly the crossroads of Naval Aviation.
    • Thanks, Phrog.  The model is the Team FS KBT P3C Orion for FSX.  It's in the Library here:    
    • Nicely done, what a surprise, a P-3! lol Nice paint scheme, which base model is this? As you know I also love North Island, always a fun stopover flying around SoCal. Like the engine out practice, good thing it feathered, those are huge paddles out there. Fun and informative, thanks Bill.
    • A Lockheed P3A "Orion" makes the short flight from North Island Naval Air Station in Coronado, California (KNZY) out to the Naval Auxiliary Landing Field (NALF) on San Clemente Island (KNUC).     Lined up for takeoff.  The belly sonobuoy launch tubes on this Team FS KBT FSX model are features of the current day P3C but the white over gray mid-'60s paint scheme and the 150 series Bureau (Tail) number tell us this is an original "A" model.  A truly accurate "A/B" model would also show a searchlight under the right wing outboard of the #4 engine.  There's one of those floating around somewhere in the FS world that I used to have but haven't been able to relocate in my musty, dust-covered FSX files.  For our flight purposes today this one is "close enough for government work.!"  😀  The #1 on the nose indicates this is the squadron CO's aircraft.     Take off,  gear up, and climb out over Point Loma.         Turning West towards the coast the runways of NAS (now MCAS) Miramar are visible in the distance.   Heading out over the Pacific San Clemente is visible on the horizon off the left nose and Santa Catalina off the right wing.     En route, we do some crew engine management training by practicing shutting down, feathering, and restarting the #1 engine.   This is a routine P3 fuel-saving measure on long-duration missions.       Approaching KNUC with #1 restarted we enter a downwind for Runway 05.     On the ground turn off the active, shut down, and park on the ramp.  Welcome to San Clemente!    
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