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    • The FS2004 world is a cylinder, when you get close enough to either pole you "warp" to the corresponding point 180deg across the pole, heading in the opposite direction.  I believe this is somewhere around the 10th, maybe 5th, parallel;  so we cannot recreate a polar flight.   For the OP, some FS2002 scenery will work in FS2004, but the farther from the equator it is the less likely it will work well, and it is doubtful it will work at all in FSX (coordinates and elevations will be too far off, it may appear but not where expected, runways may not be properly oriented, navaids could be incorrectly placed ...issues with the latter can even cause CTDs).   "Conversion" as such is doubtful, you could use all the scenery objects to create a new scenery just for FSX.
    • You know that doesn't sound good at all; our Sim World is a Disk. Platter. Record Album. Dinner Plate... So I'll just fly off the 'edge', then... 🤬 😋   Is it true that in Nine as you approach the Poles the World turns into a Cylinder?
    • FS2002 has a flat earth, FSX a round earth. So no. "Maybe" some of the scenery objects "might" be usable, but nor the scenery itself.
    • I found a scenery in this site of the Chocolate Hills, but said it's only for FS2002. So I wonder, is it possible to use, or convert FS2002 sceneries to FSX? Steam Edition specifically.
    • Apologies (not really) for a 'left field' post, see thread 'Meigs or Bust' https://www.flightsim.com/forums/topic/60177-club-chachapoya-meigs-or-bust/?do=findComment&comment=314908
    • The oil rig scenery file isn't on my current laptop, but I have two more lying about and my desktop machine to check too.   For sure it's on the desktop machine, and that died some years ago, but the drives are still there and I could probably get at them somehow. 
    • I've got the AAF airfields installed, and they're great for recreating USAAF training missions using old Warbirds! 
    • On the links listing I've added any appropriate scenery regardless of the sim version. So there are some FS2004 links to be found there.
    • I was just thinking that it would have been nice if these were for Nine, because they would fit very nicely in either a Golden or Silver Wings Install! The Time period would be just about right, and with CalClassic period Scenery you'd have a pretty 40's & 50's Sim World!
    • +1!  Especially the last sentence, which I highlighted in the quote.  Anticipating the need for control input and doing it smoothly rather than reacting is key to every great flight experience, regardless of aircraft type or design.    BTW:  The same rule applies whether flying, biking, yachting, or operating any other device.      
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