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    • How old is the Video card?

      I have a 2060 super in one of my rigs that is only 3 years old. It started giving me overheating issues. I am not sure if this happened to me after a driver update or not though.I took it out and open it it up and found the Thermal paste dried up and the thermal pads brittle. Cleaned with Isopropnol alcohol using cotton swabs and re-appled pads and paste. Point of caution though, the wiring for the fans are short and should be opened gently like a book. I noticed my GPU temps went way down.

      There are many videos on how to do this on youtube.

      I hope this helps and good luck.

    • I've had this issue intermittendly with a number of nVidia graphics cards (770, 970, and 1660). I've been using an AMD one for a month or two and haven't had it happen, but it's not been that long so it might still; I'm certainly not saying it AMD is immune.


      Scratch that. I just remembered an instance where it happened on the RX5700. I was applying a wicked overclock on it, though, so easily explainable.


      Anyway, I would uninstall the drivers with DDU and install the last version that worked well.

    • Same problem, I have the RTX3070ti with 12gb vram. Open the GeForce Experience app, hover over the MSFS app and select details. select optimize. it'll take of the rest for your vcard then launch MSFS. When its on the main menu page close out to the desk top and restart MSFS and take a flight. Hope this helps you...

      Happy ✈️ Flyin

      AD Sends

    • Ha! I just got the same error with the latest driver, 531.41:



      I have now reverted back to version 531.29: https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/drivers/results/200226/

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