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Neil Birch Developer Interview
Conducted By Dominic Smith
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MSFS DHC2 Beaver Greenranger Aviation
Repaint of the de Havilland DHC2 in colours of Greenranger Aviation Services.
Recently Greenranger Aviation removed all the paint off their Beaver during scheduled deep maintenance.  It looked so good, they decided to present it in their classic polished metal livery recently introduced on their DC3, which has been a big hit with their customers.
·  8k textures.
·  Custom passenger cabin colours.
·  Custom cockpit cabin colours.
·  Polished metal fuselage and classic livery style.
·  Float, wheel and bush versions included.
      -  Just one folder installs all 3 versions.
      -  Textures shared across 3 versions.
Click here to check out my other liveries
·  Copy folder starting with 2 to your community folder. 
·  In order to see the Bush version you must have the DHC-2 Beaver part of the 40th Anniversary Expansion pack installed which is available free from the Gotfriends website.
Refer to Readme_Me_1st.pdf included with upload.
My liveries will always be available for free.  But if you want to support my work and encourage me to keep creating content for MSFS you can make a donation.
Click here to donate
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Speck-Fehraltorf Freeware by NFM
This package changes the default scenery to make the airfield look more realistic. It contains more than 15 objects made especially for this airfield. Most of them have PBR textures to look even better. It is my first scenery for MSFS and my first time using blender. Some of the buildings look quite ugly. But it is still better than the automatically generated scenery by MSFS.
Main changes:
-added c-office & hangar west
-added hangar east
-added fuel station
-added restaurant
-added visitors' terrace
-added runway markings (flags & runway corners)
-deleted wrong windsock & added three correct windsocks
-deleted wrong buildings & vegetation 
-added parked cars
-added more accurate asphalt
-added gliders & glider trailers
-added s-office
So far I haven't figured out how to make the runway out of grass or how to delete the gas station in front of hangar east. If I find out, I will improve it.
Have fun!
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North Sea, Norwegian Ocean and Irish Sea oil/gas offshore installations. 
Placement of all Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German, Irish, Russian, Polish and British oilrigs in the North Sea/Norwegian Ocean/Irish Sea/Baltic Sea/Celtic Sea. Version 2.2 pinpoints about 500 rigs, FPOS and loading bouys in the Norwegian Ocean, the North Sea,the west coast of United Kingdom and the Baltic Sea.  I do not have accurate 3D models of the platforms, so the default MS Flightsim oilrig and oil tanker is used in all the locations. FPOS are made by merging the default platform and the default tanker. I have also added some oil tankers in the location of some of the loading buoys. The placement should be pretty accurate - source of positions are pulled from the Norwegian map autority's (Kartverket) electronic nautical charts (Norgeskart nautical charts),from Avinor IPPC service, from EMODmet and from a KML file found on the internet....   I'm pretty certain that all of the installations are covered - if you miss some, please let me know. There have been a lot of decommissioning and removal/clean up in the last years. I've tried to place only the installations still out there, but the cleanup is ongoing, so there will be some errors. Please let me know if you find some..... 🙂
This package was downloaded 11 161 times before it was removed from flightsim.to 
Just drop in your community folder. 
The free World update USA have to be installed - The MS Flightsim oilrig and tanker is a part of this package.
Ver 3.4.1
- Compiled with SDK 0.20.50 
- The content in this package is identical to the one removed from flightsim.to
Ver 3.4
- Added rigs Petrobaltic and Petro Giant of coast of Poland in the Baltic Sea
- Buildt with SDK 0.15.0 for Sim update 1.20.6 compatibility.
Ver 3.3
- Buildt with SDK 0.14.0 for Sim update 1.18.15 compatibility.
Ver 3.1 
- Added 106 POI positions. You can now start your flight in air, close to the oil/gas rigs, from the world map. You will also have POI markers on those positions. 
Ver 3.0
- Finally - added landable helipads on all rigs and FPOS's (merged tankers/rigs with helipads).  The oiltankers are not landable.

Ver 2.2
- Added 38 Dutch rigs and a tanker (loading bouy).
- Added 1 German rig 
- Added 2 Irish rigs
- Added 2 Russian rigs in the Baltic Sea
- Added 1 Polish rig in the Baltic Sea.
Ver 2.1
- Added 20 Danish platforms.
Ver 2.0
- All British offshore oil/gas covered 
Ver 1.0 
- All Norwegian oil platforms/rigs in correct positions
- Some oil tankers in positions of loading buoys
You will still not crash when when hitting the rigs/tankers outside the helipads......
Big thanks to GBZH35 and his helpers to make the landable helipads making this update possible. 
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Free gift from Neil Birch.
Another version of his popular UK Farms Strip series.
You can see his other products (payware) at the store: https://store.flightsim.com/vendor/neils-tours/
Volume 20 includes the following fields:
Brent Tor Airfield EGTV
Dartmoor Gliding Club
Charlton Myers EGJG
Fisherwick Microlights AG810
Fridd Farm Airstrip AG803
Full Sutton EGNU
Garton Field EGGG
Gillrudding Airstrip AG806
Ginge Farm AG805
Glenmoriston Estate AG813
 Godney Airstrip AG807
 Greenlease AG808
 Heath Farm AG116
 Hibaldstone Airstrip EGHW
 Hickstead Airstrip AG811
 High Cross Airstrip AG812
 Hoe Farm AG117
 New Farm,Piddington AG814
 South Somercoates EGTI
 Stretton Private AG801
 Walkeridge Farm EGKS
Brimpton EGLP
Strathaven Airfield EGTY
Hadfold Microlight AG80
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This is the 14th in a series of repaints for countries that flew the North American T-28 in their military.
In 1961, T-28s were acquired by Ethiopia for advanced training. 12 T-28A and 12 T-28D were converted to S-Fennec.
You will need the FSX North American T-28C Update, t-28cupx.zip.
Original model by Tim Conway, Updated by Bob Chicilo, Repaints by PhrogPhlyer
This series includes:
FSX North American T-28C VT-6 ( T28C VT6.zip )
FSX North American T-28D Cuban Air Force ( T-28 Cuba AF.zip )
FSX North American T-28D Congolese Air Force ( T28C Congo AF.zip )
FSX North American T-28D Taiwan ROC Air Force ( T28 ROC Taiwan AF v1aF.zip )
FSX North American T-28 South Korea ROK Air Force ( T28 ROKAF.zip )
FSX North American T-28 Royal Moroccan Air Force ( T28 RMAF.zip )
FSX North American T-28 Uruguay Naval Air Force (T28 UNAF.zip)
FSX North American T-28 Philippines Air Force (T28 Philippines Air Force.zip)
FSX North American T-28 Royal Thai Air Force (T28 Royal Thai Air Force.zip)
FSX North American T-28 France Fennec 119 (T28 France Fennec 119.zip)
FSX North American T28 Equadorian Air Force (T28 Equadorian Air Force.zip)
FSX North American T28 Brazilian Navy (T28 Brazilian Navy,zip)
FSX North American T-28S Fennec Argentinian Naval Aviation - Repaint (T28 Argentinian Navy.zip)
FSX North American T-28S Fennec Ethiopian Air Force - Repaint (T28 Ethiopian Air Force.zip)
More to come.
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had some time away due to illness..... I've just crossed over to win 11 so far no issues.... I'm ay Heathrow taking delivery of my new PMDG 373-900, now I have the complete collection 600-700-800-and now the 900 joins the fleet in KLM livery 
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Guthrie–Edmond Regional Airport
Guthrie–Edmond Regional (KGOK) is a public use airport in Logan County, Oklahoma. It's located about 2nm south of Guthrie and about 7nm north of Edmond. The airport has been operated by both cities since 2005. It was formerly known as Guthrie Municipal Airport before then.
2.0 update note - Be Sure to entirely remove the old mod if your using it, Do Not just overwrite with this new one
Some simple corrections and additions to perk up my local FOB.
This is not a full custom addon, I added missing buildings and added some static objects using all default game assets.
The fixes including moving the Beacon Tower out of a taxiway and adding back the segminted circle and Windsock that was missing. Additionally i added about 30 more static scenery objects to liven up the airport.
I hope to fix the 4 taxiway lights that are in the taxiway, but atm the sdk doesnt seem to allow this function correctly. They seem to be tied directly to the taxiways (not separated as the Delete functions would suggest), even rebuilding the taxiways causes them to automatically be placed similarly in the wrong locations.
Copy the "ezmods-scenery-kgok" folder to your Community folder.
Donations: Never required, Always appreciated
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Go-Around and missed approach procedures in the Citation Longitude are demonstrated in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
The decision to do a go-around or a missed approach can vary based on many different factors. Procedures are the same regardless of the factor for doing a go-around or missed approach.
Learn what 6 important tasks happen when the TOGA button is pressed. One important step in doing a go-around after the application of max power, is pressing the Takeoff and Go-Around or TO/GA button. Pressing the TOGA button in the Longitude accomplishes 6 tasks, one of which is adjusting the flight director to a climb attitude, but one very important and sometimes frustrating event happens that almost everyone has probably missed at some point and wondered "What is going on with the FMS?"
After reading and following the missed approach procedure, checklist guidance and questions regarding the hold and what to do while in the hold are discussed.
This is part 4 of the Longitude series. To start at part 1 in the playlist, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlJbYfeBbvg
Charts in the video are made available by Navigraph - https://navigraph.com
The Longitude manual for MSFS can be found in PDF form here: https://flightsimulator.azureedge.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Cessna-Model-700-Operators-Guide.pdf
Joining the channel helps support the channel. Become a channel member and get access to a custom made CJ4 Checklist for MSFS as well as a TBM 930 custom made checklist, climb, cruise, and descent performance charts as well as a basic overview of important speeds and more. Join here.
Youtube channel
The Corporate Pilot Guys Podcast
About The Author
This video is produced by thecorporatepilotdad. He has been a FlightSim.Com member for close to twenty years and using Flight Simulator since back in the day of FS98 and FS2000. He is also a professional pilot with over 7000 hours of real world flight experience ranging from Cessna 152s to super-mid size business jets.
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Here is Bordeaux airport created by Fsfan50 and BeviJo33.
Bordeaux-Mérignac airport is a French international airport located in the town of Mérignac, 12 km west of Bordeaux in the Gironde department, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.
The airport serves as a base for the airlines EasyJet, Ryanair and Volotea. It welcomed 7.7 million passengers in 2019, making it the 8th largest airport in France and the 6th outside the Paris region. However, since 2020, Nantes airport has tended to establish itself as the leading airport in western France, to the detriment of Bordeaux airport, which has demoted to the rank of 9th French airport (7th in the provinces) in number of passengers.
It shares its runways with the 106 Bordeaux-Mérignac air base of the French Air Force.
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