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Thread: It's not MSFS 2020, it's MSFS

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    Default It's not MSFS 2020, it's MSFS

    I keep seeing references to "2020" all over your forums and homepage. The year is not included in the official name at all. Not anywhere. And not just because it is the worst year we have collectively experienced. This is a decade-long project and Microsoft does not want to be saddled with a name that implies years down the road that it is an old product. So they intentionally have excluded the year from the name. "MSFS" is easier to type, more accurate, easily understood and correct. MSFS 2020 is not. Please change your usage accordingly.

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    Well actually it's "Microsoft Flight Simulator", not MSFS, though Asobo Flight Simulator probably would have been more accurate!

    The problem with what you're saying is that "MSFS" has been in common use for many years for previous versions, so it's not distinctive. If you don't add the 2020 to it, it can be unclear exactly what version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is being referred to.

    It would really have been nice if Microsoft had given this new product a truly unique name!

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    What ever you choose to call it, it is a really amazing product as it is, and it will keep improving over time.
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    As Nels indicates above, the very lack of a unique designation is a problem. In fact, when the new sim was announced and a new section of the forum was created for it, the title of the section was Microsoft Flight Simulator, but the confusion that caused led to adding 2020 to the title just to avoid that confusion.

    It may be a "decade long project" but the previous versions which DID have unique names were also NOT a one year deal. The years in those names were an indication of when it was released, not of whether it was still the current release.

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    I think the logic behind the Microsoft Flight Simulator title is that the first PC version was simply named Microsoft Flight Simulator, so they've used that name for this version, which will be the first one for XBox.
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    We had FS98, FS2000, then FS2004, which we started calling FS9 instead, and then FSX. And now we have FS2020. Flight-simmers like to keep it short and simple, but also distinctive. It is an amazing product whatever we call it.
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    Yes, I also vote for "FS2020" This name/designation avoids current and future confusion....

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    Any votes for FSXX or Simzilla?
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    The first year people use the year because iits new, specially to non simmers, if i send a video to a friend so that to introduce him the news about the new sim Is say here look at the new MSFS 2020 so that he is aware its been released recently, this year

    In 2021 onwards it will be known as MSFS
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    I call it FS20 for short.

    Then I was the odd one out calling MSTS (Microsoft Train Simulator) MTS in the beginning - in actuality Microsoft is one word not two. So it should be MFS2020... In addition recognising Microsoft as one word avoids the pundits abbreviating as M$...

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