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  1. Budget PC, yes, expect usd 1200. But you can also buy a used gaming PC all set and ready for around 800 Search Marketplace Facebook in your area Lets start by the most impoprtant piece. Video card. Buy a used nvidia RTX (any brand) with 8gb, expect pay usd 200 Next an i5 processor or better, clock speed above 3ghz. Stick to Intel make motherboard DDR5 compatible preferred RAM memory 16gb or better DDR4 or DDR5 A good power supply of real watts for gaming with 6pin and 8pin inbuilt entries (for the video card) 600watts or 700 watts The best monitor you can afford, 4k ready. Dont use TV or a too large monitor, if its a desktop yo need to sit near it A good used joystick of your choice
  2. Some paywares come with House colors liveries which I have no interest cause they are not real or ever existed Besides I only fly airlines from my country and liveries that are accurate. I love to keep my Hangar Tidy, I delete all the Asobo planes I will never fly (except some like Pitts which Asobo force us to keep, shame), and when I see my preview Hangar i like to see the liveries I have chosen Apparently going to Simobjects/Airplanes and deleting the apropriate livery texture folder doesnt work in some cases, either it CTD or shows black in preview hangar If I try using //in aircraft.cfg also CTD apparently, any ideas on how to?
  3. the recipe for success is to KNOW your windows system, dont put trash addons from flightsim.to into te community, know the steps for a good update (empty cache scenery etc), all this cant be summed up in just two lines, either you know or you dont know what happened, but those for those who have control like Skorna or me updated were never a problem
  4. No same happened to me its a problemwith Gaming Services update Google best advice is to go to regedit delete Gamingservices and Ganingservices.net restart pc go to Ms Store, Updates, confirm install again of Gaming Services MSFS 2020 working again people fall too often for things like format drive, memory MBR faults because they "read" and make bad selections of what they read and should do
  5. hard to believe that you reinstalled windows and still have the problem did you install the "Official" base msfs directory in another drive? what option you chose when reinstalling? the "keep user account and files"? I once had a different problem that was resolved reinstalling win 10 You should have chosen a complete clean Windows installation from Cloud, (not from the local backup), for this you must first copy all your personal files and directories, photos etc into another drive
  6. Not quite the same With Bob you could hear your steps and it walked like a person, not a floating camera, a ghost😂
  7. Thats what I said as the Scenery Library in Fsx... I think you guys are wrong, I am not mad, have repeated the tests and will keep saying that other factors affect loading time, so much that they always vary, they are not exact loading times, it will depend on windows, xbox and msfs drivers accessing the servers, your ram, cpu other pc processes interfering etc. There are 2 folders next to Official, Community and Manual Cache, none is affected at startup other than to read aircraft index to display in Hangar. The Manual Cache Folder works similar, you can have 60gb of selected areas but it wont read them and at startup, only when you are flying in that area and even so "load as needed" so as fps are kept high. There is a thread in facebook msfs, which aside from the gamers irresponsible joking you can see a pattern in the replies. The time is more a less constant or varies with the pc rig, but all these kids have tons of mods installed. Some have read (as you people here) that size of community affects the time and say so, Its a mix of comments, but the pattern is for the vast majority with loaded community it takes a few minutes. https://www.facebook.com/groups/101987210144851/permalink/1463948940615331/
  8. Just do it! do the test yes it will take an hour of your time but do it! dont go by what others say I did mine, and its perfectly clear the time was not only unchanged, but shorter with a comunity with many addons Come on! if it were true that community affects time, the more you put in community the longer it would take, we know kids out there have tons in Community they should take hours to start the sim!???? ridiculous The sim roughly takes an average time between 2 and 7 minutes depending on your rig, not on how much you have in community but enough talking Facts Mr Watson, facts!
  9. it just stuns me that a prop can go this high as a normal cruise
  10. the absolute time depends on your rig Mine is i5 on a sata C Many people have fast load times The relevant issue is differential time, with empty Community and loaded with many addons
  11. the explanation as to why sometimes you feel takes longer has to do with Microsoft This is Windows...it runs dozens of programs in the background (despite priorities) when and how Bill pleases of which you dont have full control So sometimes a windows update or xbox live is going on that slows the sim to activate and carry on...so the blue bar goes slower because other apps in your pc are accessing microsoft server, this is just one reason, there are more, bandwith oscilations, etc, addons that use ip, multiple displays, ebags, hardware inputs, many many, who knows...only each user knows whats running in his machine
  12. Yes, I did it now as I write, excluded everything from Community (20 GB) and double clicked the msfs icon at: 18:31 local time (21:31zulu) 18:35 it was checking for updates 18:36 France and netherlands addon splash 18:39 New Activities Splash screen, finally at 18:40 it loaded, total time 9 minutes with empty Community Quit back to desktop, copied back the 20gig (took 14 minutes to copy back the 20gb into community) and fired up msfs at: 18:55 fired msfs 18:58 checking for updates 18:59 second Paris Splash screen 19:00 Netherlands screen 19:00 New Activities 19:02 Main menu opens, total time 7 minutes with Community 20gb I regret we didnt bet money on this with an international jury as mediators., would be rich by now case closed i have an i5 7400 3ghz ssd drive, medium rig...at
  13. i dont agree the first time you make changes to community, be it adding more gigabites in addons or deleting, the game will take longer reading the new indexes, much like Scenery Library in FSX, but from the second time onwards, the loading time is unchanged, be it Community full of addons or empty This fools many...they base themselves by the first measure of loading msfs after some change, read in Avsim an experienced user made a time test Each time he added more sceneries to community (gb) the loading time increased, of course!! he kept changing the scenery library (or other) incrementally but anyway, live and be happy with your theory, I have Community full of addons and virtually same loading time as the first day in July 2020
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