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  1. I sent the tech a quick email yesterday late afternoon! He can throw a hammer pretty far!
  2. All I can say is SOMETHING is coming, so sit down, buckle up and hang on to your butts!
  3. mrzippy


    Try it and let us know how it works!
  4. The site has been having server issues the past few days! Our tech has been advised and the Root Admin is aware of the situation. Hang in there!
  5. Watch out for these!
  6. Yeah! The other site had an all day server problem too! Dis ain't normal on my planet! OK, never mind.......my mistake! Didn't notice those little thingys that change the style of the forums!
  7. Why is everything in big blocks?? Something new?
  8. Aharon, Contact Adrian K, who is the Root ADMIN for this site!
  9. NOTE: you will have to copy over the H-21 VC mdl file to the HUP model folder, the entry's are all made in the cfg file. Sound aliased to the H-21C, so you'll need that one installed (why wouldn't you have the Banana? It's amazing!) Did you copy over the mdl file?
  10. Haven't heard from Pat (Phantomtweak) since he fell off of a ladder doing something around the house. That was probably before they got burned out of their house. Haven't hear from my German friend @il88pp in a coon's age!
  11. Jan Henk Peereboom I call him John Henry Peartree!
  12. You're never too old, Rick! There are, or were guys in their 90s doing this!
  13. Doing fine! Still on my Chromebook. Don't think MSFS 2020 is in the works for me...too many problems, updates, etc! Will keep my eye on the new one coming.
  14. Hi, Rick! Was that A340-300 made by a different developer than the ones that worked OK?
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