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  1. Not sure what is causing it, but others have reported the same issue in the New Forum Software forum.
  2. Do you have a VPN running?
  3. Microsoft wasn't going to offer it on disc until Aerosoft pushed for it. Apparently they saw enough demand from people who wanted something physical to put on the shelf. Given the nature of the sim, having a disc in the drive isn't even the biggest issue. It still needs to download the uploads when you install, so the discs don't save you from the need for an internet connection. As for the security issues, presumably the MSFS discs use a more modern and supported DRM scheme, not the old one they dropped support for (SafeDisc/SecuROM).
  4. Don't have the disc version, however, if you have linked it to your account (maybe done during your previous attempts) I think you can just go to the Microsoft Store app and install it directly from there. You will still need to have disc 1 in the drive to fly though. https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4574437978653-Does-the-boxed-version-of-Microsoft-Flight-Simulator-include-a-download-or-Steam-key
  5. It's looking like the issue happened in Boeing's Renton plant. Still best to wait for the final NTSB report, but it isn't looking good for Boeing. Not sure the airlines will soon forget about this. United and Alaska are losing money on these planes and may well change future purchases.
  6. The door plug issue looks to affect 737-900ER aircraft as well.
  7. I think both of those solutions would have caused the same problem. When you verify local files with Steam games, it will reset all files back to the what they were on a clean install, including resetting config files in the FSX directory back to their original defaults (files created after install, like the FSX.cfg in the Documents folder should be fine though). One would need to back up the config files first, and then restore them to avoid losing any changes. Calypso, do you happen to have a backup anywhere of the FSX config files?
  8. Nope, no need for a console of any sort to fly the sim, though an Xbox console and peripherals (more and more do support the console these days) is a decent and cheaper option for doing so. https://www.thrustmaster.com/en-us/products/tca-yoke-pack-boeing-edition/ https://www.thrustmaster.com/en-us/products/t-flight-rudder-pedals/ As for PC hardware, you only need a top of the line system if you're looking to run one or more 4k monitors at 60+ FPS or get into VR. Running lower resolution monitors at 30 FPS, or so, can be done with more moderate hardware, unlike FSX which struggled to run at all with even the best hardware available at launch. One of the big limits with MSFS, however, is that it does require an online connection for the best scenery. Certainly find someone local to check out the sim with if your current system can't run it. Just be sure to approach it as a new sim, and not a continuation of FSX.
  9. I would suggest trying the sim for yourself before getting too far down in what you've read online. There are some valid criticisms of the sim, and then there are some overreactions to it as well. MSFS does have a new interface, and does do things differently (much like X-Plane does things its own way), however, it isn't an arcade sim. You can try MSFS for $1 by signing up for the Xbox Game Pass one month trial. If you do like the sim, you can either keep the subscription going (not worth it if you don't play any of the other games), or cancel the Game Pass and buy the sim outright. https://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-game-pass
  10. FSX was developed with the understanding CPUs would be heading for 10GHz, which we are no where near, and likely won't be for a long time yet, if ever. Between improving multi-core support, moving to 64 bit processing, the streaming scenery support and other graphical improvements, as well bringing the sim to Xbox consoles, FSX with a new graphics engine wasn't an option.
  11. Is it the same as the Iris F-15E available through the link below? https://store.irissimulations.com.au/iris-simulations-classics/
  12. The list of included aircraft and hand crafted airports is at the link below. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017706059-Microsoft-Flight-Simulator-FAQ
  13. They've been talking about the flight sim project as a whole being 10 years, so MSFS2024 falls into that. So far they've also indicated that they will be supporting MSFS2020 for some time yet, so we shouldn't need to worry about the servers being shut down in the immediate future. I suspect adding missions just means it would be like FSX where the open world side is still there, however there will also be missions for those that want them.
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