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  1. MSFS Goose Juice US Racing

    Repaint of the Juice Goose in a livery inspired by various US style racers.
    4k texture. 2 different livery versions and just one folder to install both liveries. Compatible with all 3 Juice Goose versions. Colour matched seats. Night lighting effect for some decal elements.  
    For matching US racing pilot/co-pilot uniforms download my Avatar pack. https://www.flightsim.com/files/file/210818-msfs-crispys-pilot-avatars/
    Click to see my other liveries
    Copy folder starting with 2 to your community folder.
    To use this livery you will need to own and have installed the Juice Goose from Parellal 42.
    This livery requires that the Nov 2023 JuiceGoose update is installed.
    Refer to Readme_Me_1st.pdf included with upload.
    My liveries will always be available for free.  But if you want to support my work and encourage me to keep creating content for MSFS you can make a donation.
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