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Airbus Liveries

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  1. MSFS Airbus A330 Air Mauritius Livery

    Repaint of the Airbus A330 NEO in the livery of Air Mauritius
    •    Matches real aircraft color and style as close as possible.
    •    Textures created in 8k and downscaled to 4k (for improved quality over 4k and improved performance over 8k).
    •    Copy folder starting with 2 to your MSFS Community folder.
    •    You would need to have the freeware Headwind A330-900 NEO installed in MSFS to be able to use this livery.
    Click here to check out my other liveries
    Refer to readme_1st.pdf included with upload.
    My liveries will always be available for free.  But if you want to support my work and encourage me to keep creating content for MSFS you can make a donation using the link below.
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