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  1. Been doing a little research (in Route 66 BuckT used 2020 and in the Bendix DDave used FS9) ... unless I'm missing something looking at the Spotters' Guide we had ... FS9 - 8; FSX - 3; FS2002 - 1; P3D - 1
  2. I think they were all listed in the Spotters' Guide ... if I can find it ...
  3. 1. From a Free Flight perspective … I liked the option of heading off the beaten track (although I didn’t take enough advantage of it) without worry or fear of losing my ‘competitive focus’ as compared with our Route 66 event. Best of both worlds in some ways but wondered at times if I should jump into the competition … jury is still out on that one. 2. Going Free Flight, it didn’t affect me, but it took the first week or two to really get my head around the route and rally structure. In some ways it felt a little too informal at times but that may just have been a reaction given the length of the event … both in distance and time. Not quite sure … 3. I’m open … but the ferry flights Bosss and jfg took to YPJT illustrated the destination fly-in concept well. The routes and machines that took them from their home base(s) sparked some great story lines. Still may require a bit more kicking around the hanger, but I think the concept has potential. Regardless … whatever our process … I think it's working.
  4. Very cool PP ... didn't know you were a Swiftie too! Congrats on all that prize money ... might even get you a couple tickets to a concert ... ?
  5. You bet Melo ... not a problem ... a few A&W's are in the cooler ... and the caterers are done setting up. They may have some 'premium brands' ... Love that Canberra!
  6. Holy _______! Does this mean 'Congressional Committee Hearing' ... ?
  7. It's not easy to beat VP2 to the cooler ... ... and I've tried!
  8. Now that's what I call a barbie! Well done PP!
  9. Threw a few burgers on the barbie just for appetizers ... come and get'em!
  10. Just catching up Bosss ... been told that you needed a shoehorn to get all the crew into a Vulcan ... sounds like you've had some experience?
  11. Well said ... and as I remember it was VP2 that first conceived of an Australian event and finally pulled all the ideas together and pushed us all to start day. Thank you VP2!
  12. Time to leave Alice Springs but as I walk out to the apron ... wait a minute ... another PA-30 is moving out... first one I’ve seen in Australia and what pretty paint ... wonder where they’re headed? Oh well ... with the walk around complete and a word from the tower this Charlie Alpha is directed to 30 for departure. Once off we head north-northeast and start the final trek to Cairns. As we’ve all become accustomed the landscape will turn again from brown to green on this final eastern leg on our way to the banquet. It has all been a great experience and I have enjoyed how effortlessly the Twin Comanche has made the journey. She just does everything so well. What a great bird! At the half-way point I start to hear a note of sadness coming from the Lycomings. Is there a problem? I scan the gauges and all seems normal ... after about 5 minutes I check again ... all the needles are where they should be ... but something in that now all too familiar sound is different. Crossing the Macalister Range our approach puts us in a right hand pattern to 15 and as we taxi in and shut down ... still in the left seat I reach over and take the last Tim Tam out of the package ... and as I savor that biscuit in the quiet of the cabin I hear the song those Lycomings have been singing ... ... and his ghost may be heard if you pass by that billabong "Who'll come a Waltzing Matilda with me" I'm missing Australia already ...
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