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MSFS2020 787 Cockpit


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Haven't seen many shots of the FS2020 787-10 so here are a couple showing off the cockpit in case anyone's interested.


This was my first flight with the 787 so I just tried out a few basic flight and MCP functions. The graphics are impressive but a bunch of the panel switches and functions are INOP. But as time goes by I'm guessing a lot of these are going to become functional either by official updates or community action.


The flight plan was San Francisco (KSFO) to Tokyo Narita (RJAA). These shots are from various parts of the initial climb portion of the flight which was the only part of the 4300 mile flight I did.













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Nice shots!


BTW: Narita isn't the prettiest airport I've been in. But it is a gateway to the Ginza, which will out geek any geek that ever shops there.


Fancy cars parked on the streets all with keys left in the ignition, most with lots of fancy expensive electronic device boxes in plan sight through unlocked doors, at 03:00. And yes, the stores were still open!! The sidewalks still crowded and apparently none of that expensive stuff normally ever gets stolen there!!!


Can you imagine an experience like that in Times Square or Piccadilly??


That's a sight I'll never forget!! :eek::eek:

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Great shots of the 787 vc! I am hoping a mod team starts working on the 787 in the future.

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So much detail in this new sim. I will be in it sometime next year :)

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