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  1. I have the P3D O'Hare download and am quite happy with it. No issues
  2. SWEET!! And yes, they'd make fabulous post cards whether sepia toned or not!
  3. Nice shots! And it's wonderful to be on final at the end of a good flight!
  4. OMG!! Even by government standards that is huge tome! I assume the type rating for a SR-71 comes with a PHD!
  5. Definitely something flown by a computer program.
  6. I agree it is a minor glitch. Having said that, IMO this minor glitch should have been corrected long ago. And yes, it has been remarked about for quite some time. All in all this is a wonderful site. But even minor glitches when uncorrected over a long time span hugely detract from many users' experience and desire to return to that site.
  7. Test Shot. Still trying to post current shots.
  8. I agree! I've had nothing but good experiences with them. And yes with my Scot heritage, I really love Freeware!
  9. RW I've seen many a seat cushion filled during a long flight. But it was never with fuel!
  10. IMHO YES! It helps the many of us lacking the skills you are using. And it also is good for you! I'm an old horn player that almost never plays in public anymore, except for holiday events at church. Why do I bother to still practice, there's no longer any money in it? I still practice because it's a good stress reliever and at my age it also is good for my mind. Just like "flying" and doing cross word puzzles is. I go to the gym to keep my old ticker going. I play horns, fly, etc. to exercise my mind. And when I can bring a little smile to others that's just a bonus for me! THANKS, Michael
  11. Of course it's a game. And like any other game, how you interpret the rules is how that game works for you. If you live long enough you'll probably reach a point where you can't RW fly. A broken neck in a plane crash did that to me. Old age and other infirmities do that to others, and if you live long enough may do so to you. The same for Plane Spotters or people who collect stamps. Don't knock what you don't understand.
  12. Actually you might say to sim is to pretend (or simulate RW actions). Some try to pretend (simulate) in a manner more involving than others. Among those are more intense simmers who enjoy keeping track of simulated hours, allowing failures and crashes, monitoring simulated fuel flow, etc. And in that case it is nice to have your logged sim time show up the same as shown by the sim readouts. Since you post on a sim site from time to time I'm assuming you pretend as well. I don't judge your sim or pretend choices, don't try to judge mine.
  13. Those are exactly the flights I was referring to. Tokyo to Komatsu. And yes the mountains in between are over 13,000'
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