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  1. Just an update as to settings, The 380's are working fine! The 340's for some reason, the rear wheels tires appear to drop below runway, but it's only for a split second! Definitely better than they were! One aircraft setting went from original -2.000 (which I know had to be wrong) and it was that setting that prompted all this! To go from -2.000 down to 0.000 is a big change, and that change helped tremendously! It was definitely digging a trench down and towards the "Mason Dixon line!" Like I said above, the change works for me, may or may not help you? It is probably not the way the Flight Sim designers intended for that entry to be used in that way...................., but, oh well? Rick (Downwind66)
    Thank you Luciano, appears to be "spot on," still have to flight test it. You done good, My Man! Rick (Downwind66)
  2. OOPS - looking at old notes, here are the revised settings! Sorry about that! A340 = 0.000 A380= -0.300
  3. This just about drove me nuts trying to sort this out. Found one article written by a seasoned simmer/help rep on Flyaways site, ElkinAllen! Elkin found a solution to the problem of "forward trail" and "bogie" landing gears trying to dominate the landing processs. His cure was to add lines to the contact points section of the aircraft.cfg, a little more complicated for this old mind to absorb. My fix is a whole lot less complicated (I think)! Elkin's fix might be the right way of fixing the problem, my fix may not be "politically correct," but works for my Airbus birds! Ever wonder what the entry of "Static_pitch was for? I have and to this day, still don't know what is was intended for, but, I do know it helped me in solving my Airbus landing problems! On the A340's revise the entry to 0.100 (all 340's, don't care if they are pink or green) On the A380's revise the entry to 0.300 (all 380's, don't care if they are red or blue) Like I said, this worked for my 10 birds, hope you will have the same luck as I did! In addition to the above, be certain your aircraft are within the weight and balance envelope. These 2 lines of aircraft will carry lots of fuel and all 10 of mine were overloaded! Do this and you will not believe the difference in performance! Good luck and happy flying! Rick (Downwind66)
  4. Thanks, never cared much for the 747 line of aircraft, until the new liveries began to appear. This one I could not pass up! Rick
  5. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/crackling-popping-sound/524001 Try this, another person who had the same problem?
  6. Jan Peerhoven? You should know Michael, you confiscated most of his aircraft?
  7. Got it Charlie! It was just a "Boo Boo from the get-go!" Don't want to shoot the developers "in the foot!" so we will leave it at that! What I did, I found a nice A340-300 download from Thomas Ruth and gang, downloaded it, smooth'd the rough edges out AND WHAH LAH, I got me an A340-300 flier and also added another to boot to make it worth my while! Now, I can say, I have NO aircraft register voids in my list of aircraft! I keep telling myself I am getting too old for this hobby, but I keep coming back for more! Rick
  8. Charlie - I just resurrected the 3 aircraft that I deleted, All 3 have the same designer etc for the credits, but they submitted these under the name of Project Opensky!!
  9. Charlie, that's okay, aircraft have been filed far away, just wondered if something was unique to the 340-300 model. I know they have always been a target as to being underpowered, but the problems I was having wasn't a result of being underpowered! How you doin? Still w/o a computer? Mine started running fine again?
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