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DC-6 Freighter "Northern Air Cargo" (FSX)


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Northern Air Cargo owned a fleet of 14 DC-6 freighters for a decade, the last dc-6 flight was in September 2008.Pity all good things come to an end...... Here's a virtual one, on a flight from Anchorage in Alaska to Whitehorse in Canada (Yukon Territory)


FSX Gold Edition incl. Acceleration

Freeware DC-6A Super Liftmaster

Freeware Anchorage airport scenery

Freeware Whitehorse airport scenery

Freeware Yukon area scenery

Freeware HDE-V2 clouds

Freeware Drzewiecki grass / snow textures

Freeware HD Moon textures



Please click on the pics to enlarge:























The rest of the flight in the reply******

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Welcome to my neck of the woods. :) 2,200 NM away, but still... same country. :o

Thanks for not getting plane bits all over our Great White North. :p

Have some Pacific Salmon. I know how much you like fish!-- Bob



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Gerard, Rick, Zippy and Bob: THANKS! :):):):)


Right Bob, please leave every fish where it comes from;)

Zippy, All water was frozen.......:D



Btw: Busy times again in the von Peerhoven Mansion: One of Bianca's friends had 5 beautiful Persian kittens, just 4 weeks old. Suddenly the mother cat passed away and the owner broke her leg, so she wasn't able to take care for 5 little kittens. We took them to our house and try to take care off them. Our other animals are very social and caring, so hopefully we are able to keep them alive and healthy. Please cross your fingers!


4 kittens.jpg

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Outstanding shots of the DC-6! Always enjoy the freighters.

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Fine work with the the flight and beautiful display of the NAC DC-6A freighter Jan! Very nice scenery too. :cool: :cool: :cool: :D


Here is one with the FS9 version:

Click to enlarge




BTW, kittens make good dog food! :p


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Beautiful approach and landing shots!

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REX Worldwide Airports HD



ORBX Freeware Airports




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Nice shots Jan. And great textures hornit!! Thanks to both of you!


Sadly I have memories of a few very bad days with a military version of the 6!! It flew into the side of a mountain in California in the 60's. All aboard were lost of course! And it was the toughest evac I've ever been a part of. First it was about 5*F. Second the crash site was around 9,000' and unaccesable by any land based equipment until Spring.


So we did a rotation of two H-46s hovering above our rated hover limit for about 10-15 minutes per pass. Then we'd have to go refuel and then return. If it weren't so cold and the fuel tanks filled so low, we'd have never managed the evac at all!


As there was no place flat enough to land, we started out dropping medevac guys in by hoist. That operation alone took each plane a round trip! Then we'd return and hoist out the body bags, one or two at a time. And return for fuel. We took all they could safely access out. The rest weren't recovered until Spring.


But we all on the ground and in the air on a hairline edge of disaster the whole operation.



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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