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Synthetic ILS instrument- For every Runway at every Airport


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Karol, thank you for your most awesome tool!! I've used it to replace the sucky fms in the carenado saab 340 ... one question; for entering an icao in the search … it automatically takes 2 places of what character i type, so for instance, I type "k" and it types "kk" and thus I can't enter the correct 4 digit icao … what can I do to fix this?


thanks again for writing such a powerful and awesome tool!!!

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Karol, thank you for your most awesome tool!! I've used it to replace the sucky fms in the carenado saab 340 ... one question; for entering an icao in the search … it automatically takes 2 places of what character i type, so for instance, I type "k" and it types "kk" and thus I can't enter the correct 4 digit icao … what can I do to fix this?


Is it possible that you have two copies of this instrument installed ?


Also did you install this instrument in the Panel folder of the Aircraft as advised in the

installation notes ?

If you placed the instrument in the Gauges folder you can get the double letters if you also have the Mini panel installed .

The reason being that the Mini panel has a much older version of this instrument that only has

Pages 1 and 2 , so if you placed this instrument in the FSX gauges folder it amounts to having two instruments being addressed at the same time , resulting in the double letters .


Just make sure that this Synthetic ILS instrument is in your Aircraft Panel folder .




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Your first sentence I think is the issue … I tried to call it out once but as both a standard panel instrument and a pop-out … I'll tweak further to see where the issue is … thanks for your help!!!


You can only have one copy of this instrument active in an aircraft panel .


You must remove one copy , then it will work .




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Update for all who might be interested. As shown earlier, Karol's great gauge has been made instrumental in creating a voice-assisted Ground Control Approach (GCA) system. Here is a 2.5 minute audio capture of a final approach flown in the 'MVC' C-47.




For the time being the GCA only works in 'auto' mode, that is it executes its own instructions. Later we will have the vocal instructions only, and eventually we should be able to try manual approaches in adverse conditions, up to the fabled zero/zero .... hopefully.

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Update and HU:





A generic FSX/P3D GCA module based on Karol's AILA is now available at this site's library (see new files or search Generic GCA). It can be added to the panel folder of a large variety of planes, default, freeware or payware. Other than some knowledge of editing panel.cfg files and a willingness to study the 6-page Manual PDF nothing else is required.


From the release blurb:


This package contains a custom autopilot and two GCA (Ground Controlled Approach) gauges: Approach Pattern Control (APC) and Precision Approach Radar (PAR). You can request Pattern Control from 15 to 30 miles out, and the Approach Controller will set you up for a downwind, dogleg, or straight-in approach leading to a point eight miles from the runway at the proper altitude for a 3-degree glideslope. At the intercept point, the PAR Controller will take over and talk you down to the runway threshold. The GCA and PAR processes can be run in auto or in manual mode; that is, the panels can be visible or hidden and autopilot assistance can be turned on or off. As a consequence, serious realism challenges are possible, including hands-on approaches flown in proverbial pea- soup weather. The project is hugely indebted to Karol Chlebowski's powerful AILA (Airborne Instrument Landing Approach) gauge, adapted by permission of the author, and Doug Dawson's equally powerful sound DLL gauge. GCA gauges and manual by Manfred Jahn, historical research by Tom Harnish and compatibility testing by Ralf Scholten.


Introductory video by Tom Harnish:

Edited by mjahn
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Hi all,


I have found why you cannot select a runway end in FS2004 - the L: variables are missing units.


BACKUP the zzDAT37.xml file by copying and pasting it back into the same folder.


1. Open zzDAT37.xml in any text editor.

2. Do a search for RwyEndSelect

3. If you find this:




change it to this:




There are 4 places that need to be changed. Don't change any other variation.


Save the file - you won't be able to if you have FS running and that panel loaded - choose another plane that doesn't load that gauge before saving.


After that you can select the runway end.


There are a few other L: variables that Karol left off the units from, see below.

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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These are the other problem variables I can find. I do not know if they are needed or not, because I do not know what FSX is using as the "default" units for these variables in the original gauge. I am assuming that the (L:ApprOffsetDistance) variable uses nmiles as units, since none of them have units in the original gauge.


Note that I do not know if the gauge will work with these changes - it might rely on these errors. :)














(more than one)








(more than one)


Hope this helps,

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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One more thing. The ILS localizer needle does not work properly in FS2004 - it only moves to the right. The reason is that the command rnor does not work properly in FS2004. If you cannot read what I wrote, the command name it is r n o r, which is supposed to normalize radian values.


So here's the fix, and it's surprisingly easy.


1. Open the zzDAT37.xml file in a text editor.

2. Do a search for rnor

3. Replace






rddg dnor dgrd


Keep the spaces around the words.


Karol actually did this in a number of other locations, but looks like he missed this one.


I found this out on this old thread, thanks Rob!




Hope this helps,

Edited by tgibson_new

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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Hi all,


I have found why you cannot select a runway end in FS2004 - the L: variables are missing units.

........................ etc

Hi Tom


Thank you for the information that you have provided in replies # 58 , # 59 , # 60 , and # 61 to get the Synthetic ILS instrument working in FS2004 .


For some considerable time I have been having severe issues with my 10+ year old computer , it's now reached a stage where I cannot even load FSX it freezes a 6% .

Unfortunately it will be several months before I can upload a FIX due to computer problems , only solution is a totally new computer .


If you wish to distribute a modified copy of the instrument xml for those FS2004 users that are unable to attempt an xml editor modification , then feel free to do so .


Thank you again , I'm glad that you got it to work for FS2004 .




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The panel doesnt appear, what do i wrong?


// Maule M7 260C

// Copyright © 1999-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.




[Window Titles]

Window00=Main Panel

Window01=Radio Stack


Window03=Landing View

Window04=Flaps and Trim


Window06=Mini Panel

Window07=ILS MFD










gauge00=Maule_M7_260C!altimeter, 511,364

gauge01=Maule_M7_260C!asi, 251,397

gauge02=Maule_M7_260C!attitude, 380,378

gauge03=Maule_M7_260C!autopilot, 633,355

gauge04=Maule_M7_260C!compass, 837,203

gauge05=Maule_M7_260C!clock, 161,452

gauge06=Maule_M7_260C!egt, 210,680

gauge07=Maule_M7_260C!hsi, 364,510

gauge08=Maule_M7_260C!manifold_press, 773,358

gauge09=Maule_M7_260C!rpm, 901,356

gauge10=Maule_M7_260C!square_gauges, 776,532

gauge11=Maule_M7_260C!suction, 294,668

gauge12=Maule_M7_260C!parking_brake, 337,658

gauge13=Maule_M7_260C!turn_bank, 243,526

gauge14=Maule_M7_260C!vor, 631,515

gauge15=Maule_M7_260C!electrical_switches, 505,687

gauge16=Maule_M7_260C!OIM_light, 718,484

gauge17=Maule_M7_260C!light_alt_warn, 305,719

gauge18=Maule_M7_260C!light_stall_warn, 474,349

gauge19=Maule_M7_260C!switch_nav_gps, 620,479

gauge20=Maule_M7_260C!switch_inst_lts, 434,697

gauge21=Maule_M7_260C!knob_throttle, 725,682

gauge22=Maule_M7_260C!knob_prop, 787,682

gauge23=Maule_M7_260C!knob_mixture, 853,682


gauge25=Maule_M7_260C!handle_rudder_trim, 928,700

gauge26=Maule_M7_260C!vsi, 511,518

gauge27=Maule_M7_260C!key, 379,715

gauge28=Maule_M7_260C!button_L_aux_tank, 819,488

gauge29=Maule_M7_260C!button_R_aux_tank, 937,488

gauge30=SimIcons1024!Kneeboard Icon, 440,669

gauge31=SimIcons1024!ATC Icon, 460,669

gauge32=SimIcons1024!Map Icon, 480,669

gauge33=SimIcons1024!Avionics Icon, 500,669

gauge34=SimIcons1024!GPS Icon, 520,669

gauge35=SimIcons1024!Flaps Icon, 540,669

gauge36=SimIcons1024!Fuel Icon, 560,669

gauge37=Maule_M7_260C!ski_switch, 112,680

gauge38=n_number_plaque!n_number_plaque, 183,431,57,17

draw_order00=gauge02, gauge17










gauge00=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Audio, 0, 0

gauge01=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Nav-Comm 1, 0, 29

gauge02=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Nav-Comm 2, 0, 86

gauge03=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio DME, 0, 143

gauge04=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Xpndr, 0, 182











gauge00=fs9gps!gps_500, 0,0











gauge00=Maule_M7_260C!altimeter, 511,489

gauge01=Maule_M7_260C!asi, 251,522

gauge02=Maule_M7_260C!attitude, 380,503

gauge03=Maule_M7_260C!autopilot, 633,480

gauge04=Maule_M7_260C!compass, 837,328

gauge05=Maule_M7_260C!clock, 161,577

gauge06=Maule_M7_260C!egt, 210,805

gauge07=Maule_M7_260C!hsi, 364,635

gauge08=Maule_M7_260C!manifold_press, 773,483

gauge09=Maule_M7_260C!rpm, 901,481

gauge10=Maule_M7_260C!square_gauges, 776,657

gauge11=Maule_M7_260C!suction, 294,793

gauge12=Maule_M7_260C!turn_bank, 243,651

gauge13=Maule_M7_260C!vor, 631,640

gauge14=Maule_M7_260C!electrical_switches, 505,812

gauge15=Maule_M7_260C!OIM_light, 718,609

gauge16=Maule_M7_260C!light_alt_warn, 305,844

gauge17=Maule_M7_260C!light_stall_warn, 474,474

gauge19=Maule_M7_260C!switch_nav_gps, 620,604

gauge20=Maule_M7_260C!switch_inst_lts, 434,822

gauge21=Maule_M7_260C!knob_throttle, 729,821

gauge22=Maule_M7_260C!knob_prop, 793,821

gauge23=Maule_M7_260C!knob_mixture, 860,821


gauge25=Maule_M7_260C!handle_rudder_trim, 928,825

gauge26=Maule_M7_260C!vsi, 511,643

gauge27=Maule_M7_260C!button_L_aux_tank, 819,613

gauge28=Maule_M7_260C!button_R_aux_tank, 937,613

draw_order00=gauge02, gauge17










gauge00=Maule_M7_260C!flaps_trim_popup, 0,0










gauge00=Maule_M7_260C!fuel_popup, 0,0










gauge00=Maule_M7_260C!asi, 7, 10

gauge01=Maule_M7_260C!turn_bank, 134, 10

gauge02=Maule_M7_260C!attitude, 262, 10

gauge03=Maule_M7_260C!hsi, 381, 0

gauge04=Maule_M7_260C!altimeter, 525, 10

gauge05=Maule_M7_260C!vsi, 653, 10










gauge00=ILS_MFD!bm_DAT37, 0,0,120,155

gauge01=ILS_MFD!SyncILS_Approach_Landing, 0,0,0,0










gauge00=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Nav-Comm 1, 0, 0, 258, 95

gauge01=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Nav-Comm 2, 0, 96, 258, 95

gauge02=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio DME, 0, 259, 258, 66

gauge03=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio ADF, 0, 192, 258, 66

gauge04=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Xpndr, 0, 326, 258, 78

gauge05=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio AP, 0, 405, 258, 77

gauge06=n_number_plaque!n_number_plaque, 170, 486, 89, 25

gauge07=Maule_M7_260C!asi, 397, 304, 106, 105

gauge08=Maule_M7_260C!attitude, 270, 289, 104, 103

gauge09=Maule_M7_260C!compass, 415, 83, 96, 109

gauge10=Maule_M7_260C!egt, 433, 206, 65, 64

gauge11=Maule_M7_260C!hsi, 261, 2, 128, 125

gauge12=Maule_M7_260C!square_gauges, 281, 420, 228, 91

gauge13=Maule_M7_260C!suction, 455, 20, 31, 32

gauge14=Maule_M7_260C!OIM_light, 120, 485, 38, 13

gauge15=Maule_M7_260C!light_alt_warn, 394, 39, 42, 42

gauge16=Maule_M7_260C!light_stall_warn, 396, 0, 38, 38

gauge17=Maule_M7_260C!vsi, 274, 145, 105, 105

gauge18=Maule_M7_260C!button_L_aux_tank, 0, 483, 26, 29

gauge19=Maule_M7_260C!button_R_aux_tank, 28, 486, 24, 26









gauge00=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Audio, 0, 260, 258, 50

gauge01=Maule_M7_260C!altimeter, 121, 13, 106, 106

gauge02=Maule_M7_260C!autopilot, 382, 142, 124, 123

gauge03=Maule_M7_260C!clock, 13, 17, 83, 83

gauge04=Maule_M7_260C!rpm, 253, 141, 107, 107

gauge05=Maule_M7_260C!turn_bank, 121, 143, 105, 105

gauge06=Maule_M7_260C!vor, 380, 20, 114, 113

gauge07=Maule_M7_260C!manifold_press, 254, 14, 105, 106

gauge08=Maule_M7_260C!ski_switch, 22,176, 82, 79


[Default View]







VIEW_FORWARD_DIR= 3.0, 0.0, 0.0





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The panel doesnt appear, what do i wrong?


Hi Ronald


You have downloaded a different instrument .


I created the Synthetic ILS instrument .


My instrument was used as a basis for two other instruments as follows ,

1. A radio talk down ( GCA ) instrument .

2. An autoland instrument .


Please read the documentation that came with your download and send an Email to the applicable author of your downloaded instrument .

The author should be able to help you .






I'm sure that you downloaded ,

SYNC_ILS_Approach_Automation/ILS MFD/bm_DAT37.xml

Author = Bill McCellan

Send Bill an Email


You did click SHIFT 8 on your keyboard to call up the instrument ?

Edited by COBS
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I answered my own question. I see from the Synthetic ILS's excellent documentation, the airbase runway has and ICAO code of KXTA and it is referred to as "Nellis Bmbg Rnge, Nevada". So I am off to test this new instrument.
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Would I be able to use Synthetic ILS to land at a runway such as Groom Lake 32R, where no ICAO exists for the airport (e.g. the Secret Shuttle Mission)? Many thanks.

Hi ......


The Airport that you are after ( Groom Lake ) does exist in the Sim .

It is Area 51 .

it's ICAO is AR51 , In the Search function of Page 1 , click top left ICAO button and

type in AR51 , remember that the alphabet characters must be SMALL case , NOT capitals .

Rwy 32R is 23,000' long .


The way I located it is , I loaded my aircraft at Nellis airbase KLSV , then opened

Page 1 of the instrument , looked at the listing , nothing , then at " >2000 " I clicked to

increase the search runway lengths from >2000 to >6400 , it was then that AR51 appeared ,

clicked on AR51 and got Distance and Bearing to it , plus all runways at Page 2 ,

selected the 32R runway and proceeded to Page 3 the ILS page and did a manual ILS on arrival .




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