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  1. Hi everyone. RC must stand for Real Carp. A better description for this would be a cheap Roller coaster in a wheat field on a windy real bright sunny day. Nothing to see here, if you have XP1210B6, or XP1155rc1 hang on to it, you you do not have XP12 don't bother with it. It may be a good time for these people to look for another line of work, there is not much flight simulation in what they are doing now. There are too many problems and not worth the time to describe them. Just Stay Away.
  2. Hi everyone More B7 info. The RPM stuck on 1800 RPM, and the re-newly introduced, it was fixed for a while in B6, the 5deg max bank angle in AP, are related to starting XP from an existing / saved .sit flight. The Tree problem is related to the way the Vegetation Datarefs, and Ortho are now being handled and I do not think it is a problem that most users will notice / see. There is at least 25-30% drop in FPS, especially when over the water / ocean, if you use the same settings. They now introduced a new selection in Settings and basically reduced the existing settings to about 50% of the original, thinking, I assume the all the users are retarded and will not notice the change. Many other, more minor, issues exist but it puzzles me what these people think, that we are all retarded and they can reintroduce things that did not work in the past to see if we notice them? They've done that multiple times, with the Dark cockpits, starting a flight from a saved .sit... It's either that or, which I think it's more likely, the do not have a single Programmer in the group, just a bunch of armatures, that can write some code, that throw something at the ceiling and hope it sticks. 1210B7 is a huge step back and it looks like GA/ C172 is not in the plan for them to ever get done right. I hope someone there will take on the responsibility and take action and get serious about this sim before it's too late.
  3. Hi everyone. A new item, never experienced before since XPlane's inception. In addition to the Sky being too bright during the day, no trees displayed if Ortho tiles used, cockpit too dark, read useless, in the 172 which seems to be a different Version than previously, on a short flight during an VFR approach I could not reduced power below 2020 RPM. The flight dynamics in this version, as you get behind the Power curve, and on the ground with some Xwind, is just as terrible as the previous versions in XP12. Luckily I've practiced this during Real Life flight, except killing the engine, and after I confirmed that my Controls were behaving properly in the Settings and worked before Take off, verified there were no Failures showing, I decided to continue and ended up killing the engine, pull the mixture, to be able to land. If it were not for the terrible code, and a Failure was generated, I would have taken this as a good exercise, but again, this is another horrible show from LR. The only procedure to resolve that issue is to Reload the 172 in the Menu>Developer. Is anyone in charge at LR and testing the code?
  4. Hi everyone. Especially if you use Ortho, and have made any changes to the Settings.txt, and have a good running version presently, stay as away from this version, or start a New download and save your old ver. What is wrong? Nothing is right about it, sky, cockpit, scenery, objects... are all messed up. I am not sure these guys know what they are doing anymore.
  5. Hi. I am the same way. I am a II and looking for a TOOL that I can use, and to recommend to RW pilots that I interface with and they can use to stay current. I would Not shelf MSFS, but if you are like most humans, curios, and always want to learn something, I would use up the couple of hours of my time and see what XP have to offer. I am not sure what is going on at LR the lack of response to some of these problems, like the Dark cockpit, 5deg. max bank on a saved .SIT in AP mode.... can be easily fixed in many different ways to not affect the aftermarket developers, makes no sense to me. It's as if they are trying to commit suicide. Some pilots I know, and some are long time users like myself, have said they will never get an XPlane sim again. I am still with it and keep trying to see if there is something that changes and I can recommend it at some point. As Nels said, LR is / will constantly make changes to the present version, until the full version XP13-14? will come out and one thing to remember is Always keep one version that you know it works, and one version that you want to keep updating until you make sure that the new update works. About 50-60 % of the new updates will Not work properly the first time out and you may not be able to get a previous / working version. By the way if you want to Cycle through Time to find the the Dark cockpit problem, you can use the "K" and "L" to move Forward and Back in time. Post here if you have any questions.
  6. Hi. I do not want to confuse you. What Nels stated, about what is best for the future: >If you're going to do this, the only choice is the latest version as that's what the developer and community are supporting.<< My input is about the present, and somewhat disappointed with the approach that LR is taking. It would appear that GA in Not something they are very interested in, and they do not understand that if any user cannot see the controls it renders the model useless. There are other issues with thC172 / GA acft., but this is is a show stopper for most users. The process, to select what works for you, is relatively simple. I would Download both Demos, they can coexist on the same Drive / PC without interference, and try them. If you can get past the Dark cockpit, and can get above 30FPS, in the default mode, XP12 would be my choice. They are around 25GB each, if I remember correctly. To test for the Cockpit knobs view ability select a Rwy the points into the low Sun, Rise or Set and go inside the cpit. I run 4K, at 90FOV, you may want to use something else? Post here for more details / info. It will likely default to 1080P, you need to make sure that you select the resolution you need, anything other than 4K has AA problems, slightly improve in 12.10b1 but still an issue. That said that is only the start of your adventure, if you are like most RW pilots you will likely not like the lack of Ground references, Scenery (Limited / low visibility, hazy even when set to 100SM), C172SP: Ground handling with Xwind, Turbulence exaggeration, exaggerated windshield reflections, horrible GPS dirty screens, Prop disc unrealistic, Flight model / dynamics, especially behind the Power curve...
  7. Hi. This can be a very difficult choice. The best way to do this is download the free demos and try them out. I've had / have all the XP versions since they first started and until the XP12 I never really had a problem making a choice and moving forward. XP12 is radically different, in the sense of new features they are trying and they seem to have a difficult time betting something to work properly, to use as a tool, especially for GA acft. Dark cockpits, power hungry... no real value to a Real World pilot that wants a tool to practice with. I can tell you for a fact that there is NO system (PC) out the can run XP12 maxed out in 4K resolution and with VR. There is something very odd about the far away mountains textures. tend to show like they have snow on top. certain time of the day, and many other issues. Every RW pilot that I know is using XP11 some have the XP12, and not use it, some returned it... I have top of the lines systems and wrote many Scripts trying to get it to work properly but I still am not able to get it right. If you need more details post here and search around for Dark cockpits, Ortho Scenery issues, Excessive Turbulence, Water ..
  8. Hi. I am not familiar with that plane but you may be in 2D.
  9. Hi everyone. In the past I was able to find / extract freqs. from nearest airports using: require("radio") require("XSquawkBox") _, _, _, _, _, _, airport_ICAO, _ = XPLMGetNavAidInfo( XPLMFindNavAid( nil, nil, LATITUDE, LONGITUDE, nil, xplm_Nav_Airport) ) to find the airport, which still works, then: frequency = XSBLookupATC(airport_ICAO .. "_TWR").... to find the freqs. which no longer works. The logic is to use speech to enter freqs after I find the Airport >Freqs>Convert Speech to txt >Enter data. I have a Speech / Voice control utility that can issue Keys, interface with Commands.. I tried XSquawkBox 2.1 and an existing Radio that do not work. Does anyone know of a combination that may work to accomplish the task? Thank you.
  10. Hi everyone. Does anyone know of a procedure where you can re validate / register XP12 / digital download, if your ISP is down? With this Wx many of the large providers seem to have problem with the ISP service. It occurred yesterday for about 24 hrs, and there was no way to re validate. Another reason not to get a Digital of anything?
  11. A new one, all the people I know have the problem with this ver. and the latest Installer.
  12. Hi everyone. It feels like these guys are trying to sabotage themselves. Again Do not load directly from a previously saved .sit, or the load will hang. To fix, basically start over, Rename X-Plane.prf to X-Plane.prf.dis1 located in ....\Output\preferences . This will reset your Com, Nav, freqs... Lower FPS again overall. The C172, and most other light GA are sill not working with a saved .sit and if you try to use the AP, it will only bank to 5 deg. regardless of your IAS, it will not intercept the Localizer even at 15+ SM out. The Instrument panel lighting is still carp, certain time of day, in the configurations with bright sky, Sun low on Horizon, and 90% FOV, you cannot see the instrument panel knobs to select frequencies.. A new one for me, switching from Full screen to Windows mode did not work, to work around I had to switch to 4k in Full screen, then select Win mode, Exit>Restart in Window mode and it maintained the setting. Now the Water is more of FPS issue then solid ground, it used to get higher FPS when you had a lot of water / ocean in view. At this stage there are only a couple of us, from a group of 11 Real World pilots, that are still trying to hang on to this sim, I hesitate to call it Flight since there is very little in this sim, in the GA acft group, that can be referred to as decent flight models. More like a pile of goop and not very useful as tool.. Final word, stay away if you value your sanity, I have no idea who is in charge there, someone needs to wake up and start thinking before it's too late.
  13. Hi Michael. I am by no means expert in the design / conversion to XP12, I did design some FS9-X.. acft and a couple of XP9 that I ported to XP10-11 and I was able to make some partially work form XP9 to XP12 and I would not want to attempt to port anything from / to MSFS. XP12 is a very unpredictable/ unfinished and demanding version and I suggest that at this point is NOT a working version as far as I am concerned. There are so many things that have changed, like the flight dynamics, adaptive lighting, UI, instrument behavior, turbulence, low visibility,... that it do not work even in the LR acft that turn most of us old timers off. I suggest to everyone if you want anything XP stay with XP11, there are many acft that exist from XP9 on that you can easily port, or better yet get MSFS2020, P3D.. I am not sure LR will ever be able to fix some of the problems they are dealing with. I am not sure it has something to do with some of the people that left LR and the new people are not qualified to complete the tasks they are assigned but it worries me. I've never seen them in this state of disarray. You will likely not get many responses to your question / request.
  14. Hi Joop. You are welcome. I found that using Ortho can actually give me a couple of extra FPS. That is Not the main reason I use it, I actaually fly in real life the areas that I use the Tiles in and it makes it more easily recognizable, but anything that helps is good. It will be a learning curve but I think having photo scenery, that you may be able to use as ground references, is better than not having anything. I do not like / use many trees, with Ortho you can actually get a more realistic representation of the area and I do not miss the trees, keep them to Low, and similar with Objects, just one to the Right of left side, few clouds.. that also saves some FPS. Post here if you have any questions.
  15. Hi everyone. The Start hangs on Done with preloading if you are using a .sit from the previous version. To fix rename the X-Plane.prf file located in the ....\Output\preferences to something else like X-Plane.prf.dis and restart and recreate your .sit. The C172 is still useless when the Sun is in the front low, you cannot see the knobs for a quite a while. No fix for that that I know of the dodo birds at LR think that this is Not a problem regardless of the hundreds of users that complain about it. If you start with a .sit that has the 172 and you use the AP the Standard Turn rate is limited to just 5 degrees only. Useless if you want to use AP. To work around you have to Reload the 172 in the Menu>Developer. This is a known and acknowledged problem but still not fixed. This is suppose to be a Release candidate, it’s a again Real Carp. Time to request the money back. Stay away from XPlane 12.
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