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  1. Why not just use the Flights/Select a Flight menu? Look in Saved Flights.
  2. The major issue importing AFX files into ADE that I've heard about are illegal characters in the radio frequency fields, which sometimes need editing.
  3. From the keyboard you: E 1 2 3 4 in order. This selects all the engines. Some addon panels will not allow this, do it using a default aircraft. Hold down F2 for reverse thrust.
  4. tgibson_new


    And you need all of the AI aircraft installed into the Aircraft folder.
  5. If I were starting out as you are I would use ADE - Airport Design Editor. It has most of what you need for FS2004. https://www.scruffyducksoftware.com/downloads Download the current production version, manual, and Prokey (note the registration information). If you are going to use it to place default library objects download the FS9 Thumbnail Pack as well.
  6. Because so many more of use have flown commercial vs being GA pilots (or passengers).
  7. What operating system? Where do you have FS9 installed? Hopefully not into any Program Files folder.
  8. My rule of thumb is to use 888 for flyable aircraft when it does indeed lead to sharper display. For AI and other situations I use DXT.
  9. If it either simply will not start up with no error message or it tells you something about an Administrator you need to install the "patch". https://calclassic.proboards.com/thread/7470/fs2004-start-read
  10. Note that on some computers FS9 requires you to save a flight as default TWICE, one after the other.
  11. You probably have the generators turned off. Load a plane with generator switches and turn them on.
  12. If you want to leave the original airport file in FS, then you need to put YOUR airport file into a higher scenery layer in the Sceney Library than that of the original file. They cannot be placed into the same folder. You can create a new folder (and scenery subfolder) and add that to the Scenery Library, with the folder layer above the original airports'.
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