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Thread: Instant Replay whats taking MS so long?

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    Quote Originally Posted by doering1 View Post
    The replay feature is being worked on and will be introduced this year (likely towards year end). Keep in mind that the first version is going to be very basic. You will not be able to replay back all the different views and features that we are used to in other sims. Right now, it requires a lot of effort to make a video with different views of a flight without a built in record and playback feature.
    So in other words its gong to take them tell years end to provide a replay function that I can already do with Nvidea shadow play. In the words of Joe Biden, "come on man"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kapitan View Post
    No, Im not gonna use the freeware Flight Recorder that has tons of limitations, only can do this and that x, y axes, provided you turn off this and that...its crazy, complicated, boring, unusable

    If MS listens: we can do without some new scenery region addon in the next updates provided you concentrate on Instant Replay.

    Everytime I fly I go through a lot of work and planning...and the reward is the replay. Relaxing to see your flight, specially approach and landings.

    Plus COMPLETE aircraft from addon dev would be nice. How I miss Captainsim planes in fsx or p3d that you could actually use the stairs and get into the plane, use the toilet, open close doors... here we are in the latest sim unable to do things were available in 2006, we are stuck in just a cockpit, only two or three for airliners, feels like single front view like ol fs98 2d, the rest of the plane doesnt exist...pretend it does say some resignated users

    well, 3d models are there, people just need time to do the full plane i guess
    I just used the free recorder utility and watched my landing in the CJ-4 into my home airport of KCMI and it was glorious! Limitations or not, I have my replay back!

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    There is a 3rd party recorder. Here's a video about it:

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