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    Flying with best bud & PIC Steve, whose plane is shown in my profile picture; Flying in my job

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  1. Hang in there, mate. I've been through slogs like this before, too. There are simmers on here who will notice this issue and come to your rescue. I've benefited from their wisdom, and eventually, so will you! bushp04
  2. bushp04

    Upper Midwest

    Good read! I enjoyed. You overflew parts of what used to be in my sales district, so that's what first caught my eye. Thanks for the post. bushp04
  3. Zip, When you buy it, please post your specs, b/c that's the one I (or close to it as I can afford) I want. I haven't been back on forum long, so are you having good luck with Win XP? Cheers, Len (bushp04)
  4. Hmm...been so long since I've flown COF (2004) or FSX, but it seems that you could freely move the extra camera ( I think it was called "spot plane view," or something similar) to any point: sides, front, back, top, bottom, not to mention zoom, so what is up with severely limited IMO new program's camera you wonder? bushp04 P.S. and btw, I would appreciate anybody's help in even FINDING THE DURN FILE that I patiently (3 1/2 hrs) waited on download from Microsoft!!!!!
  5. Mower- I'll let you know if it ever downloads from store.flightsim.com. bushp04
  6. 'Morning Nels, The User Manual will not download for me. I've tried about half a dozen times last night and this a.m., but no joy from store.flightsim.com. Do I have the name correct? Can I use my regular flight.sim username/password combo, or must it be different? Everything looking good--until I hit the check out button--then the whole screen crashes! Can I please get an assist? Would be much obliged! Thanks! Len (bush04)
  7. Hi Nels, If I download the manual from Flightsim.com Store tonight, will the 28 additional pages be included? Also, I would like to download the manual to my Ipad rather than Windows. Hoping not to sound TOO dumb, is this possible? Does Mac use a file extension other than .pdf? I can't think of it at the moment!:confused: Thanks, Len (bushp04) P.S. No worries vis-Ã -vis all the MSFS2020 complaints we've been reading about. As in every other FS, the kinks will get ironed out, I'm sure!
  8. WHOA!! You mean you might could some 747s barrel rolling??!! I'm with stinger2k2, that's pretty much like letting some 4-year olds fly heavies---they can have that part of the sky! I would prefer more realism. If the sim ever finishes downloading! Say! This poster's name reminds me of an old friend who flew lead in a squadron of performance jets back in the 50's. Their squadron name was the Stingers, and two of the pilots in it went on to become astronauts. As a matter of fact, one turned out to be the last man to walk on the moon.
  9. In the airport code book? (Sorry for being a butt. I'm sitting here waiting on MSFS2020 to download.:confused: :)
  10. Yes, dogdish, they are on the next "page," if I'm not mistaken. But I'm often mistaken...Oh, I just remembered,--I can't come over to your house and put it all together for you--cause I prolly live 1200 miles or more away! jk, mate!
  11. Just in case this YouTube clip doesn't play, it's the Al Pacino scene from G.F.III--"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!" Hey fellas, it's been a minute. Looks like I'm in for a new hand. MSFS, you shuffle. Good ta see everybody. bushp04
  12. Hello forum friends, I thought I'd check in and say 'Hello.' My system is down, Microsoft's Evil Plot to block me forever (by killing Win 7 support has forced me to think about upgrading to 10 ( I mean, what other choices are there to operate FSX?), also I'll have to buy a super-sized system to even run FSX decently. Oh, boo-hoo, Dagwood! Poor bushp04! Everyone on here has always been kind, bearing with my newby-like (it must seem) questions. I've always been and still very appreciative of the Forum Members. Best regards, and hope to see you soon! Len Welch bushp04
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