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  1. British Airways was being pronounced "Sierra Papa Echo etc." and I looked at the aircraft.cfg and found atc_airline=SPEEDBIRD, changed it to atc_airline=SPEED BIRD and now it is properly being pronounced. Air France was atc_airline=AIRFRANS, changed it to atc_airline=AIR FRANCE which fixed that. I mentioned this over at the Just Flight Forums and Derek said they are going to fix these
  2. I was falling all over myself to install it when it finally came out. Disabled Simple Traffic but did not remove it. Don't like having to put in a destination airport... needs to work in the background by itself. Really Just Flight? Also, they need to go through all the aircraft.cfgs and correct the callsigns. Example Japan Airlines is being pronounced "Japanair".
  3. Yes always have to change it back. Glad nothing else changes
  4. The drive manufacture free cloning AKA migration software usually checks to see if you have at least one of their drives to work. I noticed that Acronis WD Edition won't open unless you have a least one WD drive. sonnymayer said it worked out for him. Can't hurt to try as long as the migration software leaves the original drive intact.
  5. Should be able to drop the add-ons into the Community folder on D: and they should work. If there are any references to C: drive in any shortcuts for your add-ons installed with a .exe installer, you can go into the Windows Registry and edit them to D: As far as ORBX I would check in ORBX Central to see if there is a tool to move them to a different drive letter. In my case I had installed all scenery outside of MSFS and was not changing from C: to D: You can of course check the ORBX forums and ask for help from their friendly staff. Can't speak for PMDG as I don't own any. May have to uninstall/re-install if it won't show up in MSFS after your done.
  6. My and cianpars experience suggests that MSFS won't work after being cloned over from another drive. Guess you can only try. If cloning doesn't work, best to just uninstall (NOT delete) MSFS from your C: drive and reinstall to the Samsung D: drive. I would use your current 500Gb for Windows etc. and use your shiny new Samsung 2 TB for MSFS and what have you, it would be even longer time before you run out of room on it with out Windows also occupying it It was the first time since MSFS came out that I ever reinstalled it and it took 6 hours :mad: to re-install the Premium Deluxe plus the 11 World updates.
  7. Got W10 on my C: drive and all games/sims/MSFS on D: Cloned D: from a 1Tb to my current 2Tb (temp F: drive) with Acronis WD Edition. Removed the D: and renamed F: to D: Results: All Steam games worked, P3D v5 worked, other MISC items worked. However MSFS would NOT start. I did not know how to fix it, so I just uninstaled/re-installed MSFS and works normally again. (ORBX/MSFS add-ons were installed into folder outside of MSFS) worked again. Maybe MSFS tied to the drive serial number?
  8. Don't own it, but have you checked their support pages? https://support.turtlebeach.com/s/topic/0TO4U000000sZPqWAM/velocityone-flight-universal-control-system?language=en_US https://support.turtlebeach.com/s/article/4408106038811-VelocityOne-Flight-Create-A-Custom-Profile?language=en_US https://support.turtlebeach.com/s/article/VelocityOne-Flight-Not-Compatible-With-XCloud-Cloud-Streaming-Version-of-MSFS-2020?language=en_US
  9. Something you might consider since you have to replace pots. Replace with Hall Effects sensors and you willl greatly improve it rather than just fix it.
  10. THANKS orvwright. Perhaps they will port their AS365 to MSFS. I'll watch for any announcement. https://www.cerasimaircraft.com/product/as-365-n3-dauphin/
  11. I removed all the corny Xbox liveries, etc myself. Some models have the liveries in the Content Manager which are easy to uninstall. If not, check to see if there is a aircraft.cfg in the aircrafts folder. A trick which works in FSX/P3D to disable liveries, I found also works in MSFS. Locate the... "panel=" and change it to "panel=OFF" for the livery you want to disable. Be cautioned that this may cause a updating loop when it finds a modified file. I found you can just delete the whole aircraft folder if this happens and MSFS will then allow a newer version to install. If as Tim mentioned the model is encrypted, your out of luck until somebody can offer a solution.
  12. Fast Cow is also making a Airbus H160, which is a replacement for the Dauphin/Dolphin. I could live with that until the original hopefully becomes available. https://www.helisimmer.com/news/fast-cow-productions-bringing-airbus-h160-microsoft-flight-simulator
  13. Seems Nemeth has quite a few FSX/P3D helicoptors models, sadly no Dauphins though. They will probably as Carenado did, slowly port over their models to MSFS. daspinall, https://www.helisimmer.com/news/fast-cow-productions-making-sa342-gazelle-msfs
  14. Or a variant such as the AS365 Dolphin, always loved its unique sound and looks. Who is making MSFS helicopters these days? Virtavia was the king for FSX.
  15. Odd...The last aircraft (and livery) I flew with has always been the default for me. Never have to save anything for this to happen either. Are you choosing the planes in the Profile menu or select them in the World map selection?
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