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I'm back after a longish spell.


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Hi to anyone who remembers me, I have been busy building and renovating older PC's.  I decided to have another go again on the sim.
I goofed already!  On this latest PC I only have one HDD, its not an SSD, I have Win10 Pro installed and then I put FSX amonst other programs on then after I did it I forgot to put FSX in a different folder, it is running OK at the moment but I'm waiting for something to stop working, don't fancy re-installing all the Orbix scenery plus the other stuff, so it's fingers crossed.

I'm rusty as well from not using it, I even forgot how to zoom in and out on the screen, had to Google for the answer lol.  I'v got some AI working but need to get it organised properly, speak again soon.



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Ty Charlie and Larry,

Well I got a problem.  I changed what I did earlier I put a new SSD with Windows 10 in the PC then added another HDD and on that put FSX plus installed the Orbx scenery.

Goes to open FSX and went to EGCC and it isn't in the airports list, EGCB is there plus others but no EGCC Manchester.  So if I re-install FSX will it mess up the Orbx and if so will I have to re-install all that as well, I hope not?



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