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High in Peru

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In Cusco to do some sight seeing.  Take off with about 15 knot headwind was probably about 50 feet with one POB, half tank of gas and no cargo in each plane.  People at airport said to check out the fort was a couple miles NE of airport.


Landed at fort for a look around and site manager said we couldn't land their because it was a Unesco site even though it looked safe to me.  We asked for another site to look at and they suggested Machu Pichu and said we definitely couldn't land there!  Since these were ol' skool planes without sectionals we pulled up google earth and got a bearing and distance for an easy DR 25 minute flight.


Michu Pichu looked like an easy landing but the hill top looked like a good place to reconnoiter.


The small site needed several flybys to check out.


Once on the ground the view was excellent and the cliff at the end ensured airspeed if we didn't hook the gear in a bush.



With a fast low pass and wing over approach mid field, both aircraft prepare to land under the moon. 


Once on the ground we started to explore when people said we couldn't land there!  Come on man, physics of the sim says ya can!


Forming up for the trip back with MP in the lower center.


Stayed a bit tighter on the trip back.  Getting used to the rudder dance again.



With Policia National Vehicles on the fort runway we really couldn't land again so we did a victory roll as they waved at us.  at least I think they were waving.  Maybe we better land two or more terrain features away!


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Great shots of wonderful scenery!  And yes, once you have learned the rudder dance, it might ebb from lack of use, but will jump right back up in just a few feet of taxi distance.

Having said that, RW there is now a way to hugely cut back on the dancing.  A camera is mounted in the nose aimed to be level to the taxiway or runway while the tail gear is down and rolling or skidding, The camera provides an in the cockpit way of seeing ahead, where you're going, without having to swing the rudder for side views as we've always done to date.  In concept it works similar to a "backup camera" in a lot of cars and trucks now days.  This camera and screen/s is not designed to replace the old "01 Eyeball" by any means.  But it is still IMO a useful addition to most tail-dragger's cockpits.




Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Thanks for the kind words, Gents!  How can you take a bad shot in a place like that!  Also thanks to mods for the site which allows larger uploads.

Bill, I loved your dry tortugas shots but they haven't transferred.

It is easy to be gutsy when there is no risk of: waking up in post op, pay for the damaged aircraft or have people shooting at you or threatening jail time!

The rudder is starting to do Fred Astaire.


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