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Sticking with the Lockheed L049 for now!

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I tried to find a freeware Lockheed Constellation L1049, but the nicer looking 1049 flew like a scalded dog, but when it came to landing

and slowing down with landing gear and flaps, aircraft just kept creeping higher in to a "nose high" attitude, just short of falling out of the sky?


The above L049 can give me 250+ KIAS, it's nice looking and flies as it should. In the process of trying to find a L1049, I found a panel which I liked and added it to the 049 and it is just as I like it to be! Someday, I will find a nice 1049 that flies right?


If you haven't tried one of these Connies, you are "missing out" on some fun flying! They are a "hoot" to fly! With just one of you in the cockpit, those

4 engines and all those gauges will certainly keep you busy on climbouts and approach to landings, but will certainly give you some relief and entertainment in the cruise! I have truly enjoyed this one!


Rick :cool:

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Thanks Larry! It's worked out a lot better than it's bigger brother, the L1049G, which I have tried over and over again! flies great until you approach the airport to land, then it wants to drift into a climb attitude to stall? Maybe you have to dump fuel in these older aircraft before landing? Beats me!



thanks for the encouragement Larry!


Rick :cool:

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Hey, Rick! I was successful using the L1049H from CalClassics. Landing can be a little squirrely but keep the speed up, maybe around 140knots and push the stick forward to keep the nose from lifting.


2nd download on the page. http://www.calclassic.com/sconnie.htm


WELL, I finally sorted things out Charlie Brown! I went right to the Cal Classics L1049H and I knew I must be doing something wrong when the engines

started to cry CLUNKETY CLUNK and then the engines died and down I am going on my approach into Charleston AFB RWY33! I quickly searched thru some of the very old posts that you were involved in stating to keep that RPM out of the RED! Here I was doing it just like I would do any other constant speed prop driven aircraft, I would bring the props to High rpm, CTRL F4 2900 RPM! WRONG! I now bring the props up to 2400-2500 RPM with

the CTRL F3 and WAH F'ing LAH, I did it, one successful flight in the L1049H!!!


Moral of the Story - "Got to read the fine print" in the instructions!:rolleyes: I now have 1-049A, 2-L1049G and 1-L1049H and I am keeping them all!

Maybe someday I will have a garage sale?:rolleyes:


Thanks Charlie and I have to say, My parents taught me well in "Don't be a quitter!" I came very close, but kept coming back for more!


Thanks again!



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