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Not a Common Livery for US Airways!

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Storyline behind this aircraft, paint was damaged, and they ended up converting it to bare metal with white /red stripe. See listing and storyline below.


FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Jetliners

FS2004 US Airways Boeing 737-300

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Name: n573us.zip

Size: 5,580,066 Date: 08-31-2009 Downloads: 1,922



FS2004 US Airways Boeing 737-300 in bare metal livery. During the repainting process, a few aircraft were damaged at New Iberia, LA, causing corrosion to form. This particular B737-300 was stripped and patched back up and currently is wearing a hybrid livery with a bare metal finish, white/red stripes and black titles instead of white, but with the normal tail scheme. Later, US Airways decided to use this as one of two aircraft for a usairways.com website promotional livery. This package contains both the hybrid and usairways.com bare metal liveries. Painted on the Vistaliners model. By Joe Shimmel.


Rick :cool:

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Great looking livery for sure! Nice shot.

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