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New Orleans to Atlanta . . . . . 1981


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An Ozark DC-10-10 on a late evening flight from New Orleans’ Louis Armstrong to Atlanta Hartsfield.



Click to Enlarge . . . . . .


RMisc_12_MOD_Douglas DC-10-10_Ozark_01.jpg


RMisc_12_MOD_Douglas DC-10-10_Ozark_02.jpg


RMisc_12_MOD_Douglas DC-10-10_Ozark_03.jpg


RMisc_12_MOD_Douglas DC-10-10_Ozark_04.jpg


RMisc_12_MOD_Douglas DC-10-10_Ozark_05.jpg


RMisc_12_MOD_Douglas DC-10-10_Ozark_06.jpg


RMisc_12_MOD_Douglas DC-10-10_Ozark_07.jpg


RMisc_12_MOD_Douglas DC-10-10_Ozark_08.jpg


RMisc_12_MOD_Douglas DC-10-10_Ozark_09.jpg


RMisc_12_MOD_Douglas DC-10-10_Ozark_10.jpg





More in the reply . . . . . . . . .


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Nice Larry. My first year in college :rolleyes:

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Larry - What a nice paint/livery on the DC-10. I was never crazy about green, and just recently I found a Ryan Air Boeing 737-200 with a green/silver finish, with a huge Jaguar on the side. Had some issues with the first download, was about to give up on my nice find and I found another developer who did the same aircraft, downloaded it (different site), no issues what-so-ever!


So, I guess, with getting older, it's okay for us to change our likes/dislikes! I like green now! There I said it!


Rick :cool::cool:

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Larry, good seeing you in the air amigo! The guy with the custom Cavalier here......just going along with the screen name now I use at other forums. :)


Geez, I thought you were some new guy. :D welcome back my friend. :)

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Glad you liked it Michael, David, Rick and Adam.

Adam, I'll be switching between the late 50s and 60s, 70s and 80s. What’s an old guy to do. Right now I'm experimenting with Luminar 4. It's pretty complex, but powerful. Haven't done much yet and still a lot to learn, but here is a sample.


Click to enlarge . . .


Plain ole MS paint:



Luminar 4



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