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Why is it that my GTX1060 3gb better performance than others with better GC

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I see so many complaints of stutters or fps with people having RTX or 8 GB vram


I have 3gb vram in a i5 3600ghz pc 16gb ram and having no problems at HIGH settings all around


So something must be eating your vram or cpu


Check your nvidia drivers

Install nvidia Experience, they are tweaking it for MSFS2020

Press Ctrl Alt Del to access Task Manager and check if you have non windows application using cpu resources,

Antivirus or servers and start up programas ususally compromise your performance


If you have an i7 8600hz cpu but have background processes running consuming 20-40% of cpu your system equals my i5

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you are right, running at 1920x1080


That will be a big part of why you aren't having trouble. 1080p is not really that demanding these days. 1440p resolutions and higher are not uncommon, and require more GPU horsepower to run well.


On the other hand, there do appear to be other issues elsewhere with different aircraft, SimConnect and one or tow others that are causing problems too.

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