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Is there any way to see the sim rate?

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Has anyone found any indicator, anywhere that shows the sim rate? i.e. "X2, X4, X0.5"


I think I may have hit this accidentally during the flight and then gave it my best guess to get it set back to X1 (normal speed), but I was never really sure and couldn't find any indication of this anywhere.


I do remember one of the big YouTuber's mentioning this also about a month ago.




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It's keyboard letter "R".

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That much I know. The question is where, in the sim, on the screen, does it display the current sim rate. In FSX this was shown up in the corner as "X2" or "X4" if I remember correctly. In FS 2020 I can't find anywhere this is displayed.
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Go to General and select DEVELOPERS option and turn it ON. you will notice a black background Bar titled [DevMode] with options in white text at the top of the screen. Select Options and Under heading Rendering hold mouse over the item Display FPS until bar turn blue and then L-click on it. You will get a popup window appearing on the right which displays among other things the Frame Rate on the top line. It can be turned off in a similar way by clicking on the Display FPS blue bar again under Options... Rendering... in the [DevMode] bar.
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I am now experimenting with the various graphics settings and found the Developers display frame rate VERY helpful for inflight changes.


I turned on the FPS screen and then took my 152 over crowded downtown Chicago. Ultra everything brought me down to under 20 FPS, lowest quality everything was near 50-60, and I've settled on Medium/Custom with a number of adjustments to various parameters delivering 37-41 FPS. Looks fine to my aging eyeballs. lol


While in flight I use the ESC key to get into the General options screen, make 1 change, returned to the flight and observed what changes happened in the FPS. In less than 15 minutes I had the graphics set to MY comfort level.

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