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P3S V4.5 not reaponsing?? WHAT DO I DO NOW!!


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I've used P3D for some time with few issues. Having said that, I now have an issue I can't get around. Like most I assume, I have set up and saved several different flights based on the aircraft I choose, start location, etc. Typically when I'm doing a series of flights in a specific configuration I designate that flight name as the Default Flight. Then change to another when it's convenient.


Starting yesterday when I fire up P3D it acts as though it is loading my current default flight. I see the various views' names coming up on my monitors, etc. But after a few minutes hanging with no visible changes it appears P3D gives up trying to load and it kicks me out of P3D altogether!!


I feel confident if I could change the default flight, I could avoid this issue. Is there a way to change the default flight if the one I currently have designated never comes up?? Do I need to totally cancel out my P3D program and load again from scratch??


I've looked at others' posting and not seen this issue raised. WHAT DO I DO NOW??

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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