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FS 2020 System Requirements?

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I just pulled a ring binder from my book shelf, it's entitled:


Instrument Pilot's Scenery

East U.S.

IBM Compatibles

for use with

Microsoft Flight Simulator


Who can guess what version of Microsoft Flight Simulator it's for?


Two clues

1 it's by subLOGIC

2 The Jeppesen approach charts came in a ring binder, the software on a 3-1/2" disk

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Since 1977 was before MS got involved with FS, I'd expect that it's for either the first version of FS for the IBM PC (circa 1981) or, at latest, version two. I remember that approach to documentation, but it's apparently too expensive now to actually provide a paper copy.


Even as late as FS2000 MS provided a nice printed copy of "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Professional Edition Pilot's Handbook" which cover features, using Ron Machado's learning package included with the sim, data on the included aircraft (including panel layout, etc.) and various charts (I just looked through my copy).


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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I agree, there are lots of younger simmers who haven't got the money plus older simmers like myself on an old age pension, I'm already paying subs for a few programs so don't fancy another.


My Grandson is a simmer and he would love this new one but he said he doesn't fancy paying a sub as he hasn't got the money to spare.




Then it's not for you. Or him. That's the way of things - it's only for those who afford the price of admission.


Me? I can probably afford it, but I'm waiting for the bluff and bluster to die down first.


Probably will buy in early 2021, after someone else has ironed the inevitable kinks out...


P3D works works well enough for me, right now.

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Hi Guys,

Talk about going 'Off Topic'! This thread started with "what kind of rig are we expected to have to run the New MSFS?


BTW yes I also have the Original Ancient Handbook and still use the rulers that came with it. :)

FSX Rules!! :pilot:

What time's the next flight?

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I am also LOL about how this thread started as a guess about hardware and ended up in the sim name!!!

My rig is 1 year old, Maximus Hero X with and I7 OC to 4.7mhz 16mg memory and a GTX1080Ti and I feel confident that would be capable to move the sim. I strongly believe (educated non official guess based on reviews) that one of the key issues for a smooth sim experience will be internet connection.

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Has anybody heard a timeframe on the release date? I don't know how long Alpha and Beta testing take. Just anxious like everybody else to try it out.

Jack T.

MSI Z370 SLI Plus, i7-9700k, 32 Gb DDR4 3600 MHz memory, PNY RTX 4070Ti

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The release date or time is "Holiday 2020", so it could be anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Tim Wright "The older I get, the better I was..."

Xbox Series X, Asus Prime H510M-K, Intel Core i5-11400F 4.40GHz, 16Gb DDR4 3200, 2TB WD Black NVME SSD, 1TB Samsung SATA SSD

NVidia RTX3060 Ti 8Gb, Logitech Flight Yoke System, CH Pro Pedals, Acer K272HL 27", Windows 11 Home x64

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While I admit slightly off topic, the reason for the quiz was to highlight what Nels Anderson pointed out re the name; simply calling it Microsoft Flight Simulator will not suffice. As Nels said a convention will develop over time.


Incidentally the answer re which version of Microsoft Flight Simulator the scenery (Instrument Pilot's Scenery East U.S.) was for is also printed on the ring binder:


"For use with

Microsoft Flight Simulator

(Version 3 or newer)

and SubLOGIC

Flight Assignment: A.T.P."


Back on topic regarding what rig will run the new MFS (Nels Anderson nomenclature) we will have to wait and suck it and see, but if not running in cached mode internet download speed will obviously be critical. At the moment there are just too many variables to make a prediction.

Variables such as what is a minimum acceptable frame rate: 12.5 FPS ? 30 FPS ?

Are you running cached or in cloud download mode?

What features are turned on and at what complexity?


I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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