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Carenado Piper PA-31 Navajo - glitch


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When I loaded this plane recently the GPS was off. All other navaids and instruments were OK but the ON/OFF switch on the GNS530 does not operate. I have searched all the knobs and switches in the cockpit, just in case there was master switch hidden away somewhere. No luck. The failure of this 'switch' has survived reboots.

Previously the GPS was ON whenever I started (not starting from cold and dark at present). What have I missed?



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If you've changed your default flight to this aircraft, try changing it back again to the FSX default:

In the [uSERINTERFACE] section of the FSX.cfg file, look for the line beginning with "SITUATION=" and delete everything after "SITUATION=" then save and restart FSX.

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Right-click on the on/off knob/switch?? Use the scroll wheel on the mouse as you hover the mouse pointer on the switch?? More often than not, it's more than a simple left mouse-click.

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Thanks all, just to be sure that I was following advice I took the aircraft to an airfield I never use, saved this as the default. Closed and restarted FSX - so no question of a flight plan being loaded.

Tried both left clicking and then mouse wheel over the button. Zoomed right in and tried both centre and side of the button. Lots of turns on the wheel! Zero response.


Perhaps I should reinstall the Navajo?



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That's the opposite of what to do.

You should not have an old flight saved as startup flight.


Restore the default start up flight. To do so:


-close fsx,

-open the fsx.cfg file,

-change the line:

situation='whatever it says there'



-close and save the fsx.cfg file


-start fsx

the plane you will see as startup plane is now again the default flight ultralight.

-select your plane, location, time, weather, and click "Fly Now".

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A bit daft of me - given the context I read 'flightplan' for 'flight'! OK I've done it properly now. The only change since deleting the end of the line after SITUATION= is to reduce the framerate to 1.5 fps and the response time to a key press to 3 to 5 seconds. Everything unflyable.

Still nothing doing on the GPS - when I finally got there through Main Panel

The only alteration I made was to that one line.



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