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Wright-Patterson airport question


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I'm creating a basic AFCAD to upload here of KFFO, and I see something interesting using satellite imagery. At this location you can see what looks like a very small landing strip. It's approximately 150 feet long. Is this for a drone perhaps? What is this exactly? You'll also note that it has a turn off or what ever they call it to the left when you need to make a 180 on the runway.



Here's a screen shot.






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If it is an RC runway, might be unused now. Didn't Congress and the FAA recently enact all sorts of new RC flier regulations that all but ban "unmanned aircraft" from flying in Class C airspace, unless prior authorization is granted for each and every flight? I know that was being discussed by RC fliers and their organizations just a few months ago.
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No, that isn't. The building is near Littrell Rd. The museum is on Spaatz St.


The museum is located here.








That small landing strip is at the other airport at the top. Where the museum is located below, the runways are not in use.

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Whatever it is, it was added between June of 2014 and Oct. of 2015, then extended in Aug of 2016, according to Google Earth. And those two black squares at the ends were there at least as far back as 2012, when resolution got good enough to see them.


But since that's an Air Force Base, not just a regular airport, with different rules for some things, and since they still have research going on there (it was a MAJOR research center in the '40s and '50s), that could be most anything, including possible research using drones (not necessarily the VTOL kind) and/or RC models. Or it may be something completely different, since there are no runway markings there, or any other hints.


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Very interesting. How did you ascertain the dates? I wasn't aware you could pull up old Sat imagery.


N/M Google Earth is what you used. I never really used that. How do you go back in time with that software? I may have to install it.

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Whatever it is, it has the ability to cloak itself when you get too close! Here's a pic from a similar distance to Aaron's pic above:




And here's the same view but zoomed in one level:




It's GONE!!!


Okay I can see the pics were taken at different times and who knows which one was taken first, but it could just be a damp patch or even a puddle.

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It is a patch in the asphalt. On either end are what appear to be catch basins.


I would assume that the pipe connecting them had to be dug up and replaced.


Nothing aviation related except that it is on an airport.



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