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Winter wonderland


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Rick - it is cold! All I need to do is look at some of Jan's pathetic flying skills to warm me up. :D


Jan - Thank you much. Hope you have a safe and happy New Year as well my friend. :)


Blair - Thank you for thinking of my well being, that's more than I can say for someone we know all to well. ;)


Gérard - thank you kindly.


Jimbo - much appreciated.


Larry - Thank you very much.


Bob - Punderful of you to say that my friend. :D


Aaron - Deer steaks and jerky. :D


Thank you fellas. :)

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Beautiful as always Adam!!


And I agree HAPPY HOLIDAYS, whichever ones each celebrates, AND A HEALTHY AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!




PS: Lord willing, I'll be more active after New Years.

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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