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What are "Anti-aliasing" and "Filtering"?


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I feel sheepish asking, but I have wondered for years, and don't recall ever seeing a post or other guidance that explains these cryptic boxes in my Settings menu.


There's bilinear and trilinear filtering, etc. Do these choices affect my frame rates? If so, how?


Thanks all,




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AORUS Z370 Gaming 5 LGA 1151 ATX motherboard


2 TB hard drive

27” MSI gaming monitor, set at 2550 for FSX

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Anti-aliasing basically fills in the jaggies. Bilinear or trilinear do additional processing on the pixels to improve the picture (tri does more). But as the zipper says, the stronger you set them the more it could affect your system's performance (it takes time and resources to do these).


Here is a Wiki article that points you to lots of info on antialiasing. Here's a Wiki article on trilinear filtering. In each case it's maybe more than you want to know, but it'll provide as much answer as you want beyond what I said above.


Larry N.

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