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Installing FSX

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So, the only options you are getting to either Repair or Remove? It still thinks FSX is installed. I would do the Remove and see if that will take out all remaining FSX items. Then try installing after that.


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Uninstalling FSX isn't as straightforward as it might seem - PMDG have the best guide to it here:


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And then, after you get FSX uninstalled as described by the 2 last honored speakers, take the opportunity to clean up your system. One good piece of software for this is CCleaner, which is available in both freeware and payware versions, I only use the freeware version. Also make sure all of your hardware drivers are up to date.


Then when you get to reinstalling, remember to install OUTSIDE the default location in C:\Program Files (x86), but instead create a folder like C:\FSX and install to that.



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Read the PMDG article, then read it again.


When I ever remove a program I use Revouninstalller and pay close attention to what registry items it will remove.


Ccleaner is alright, but I can bet my bottom dollar that System Ninja will find a hell of a lot more temp files. If you use it, don't allow it to delete folder config files. Check off everything else.




PMDG says perform a refrag after you're done. If you have a SSD/flash drive like so many do these days, you DO NOT defrag. Never defrag a SSD/flash drive. The way in which they work does not require a defrag. Only a mechanical platter drive.

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All – Running windows 10. To correctly uninstall FSX do the following in this order. Control Panel – (Yeah you can use all settings blah, blah, blah), used to control panel, programs - uninstall program. Remove FSX Service Pack2, once it’s gone, close “Uninstall Programs”. Now reopen control panel, uninstall programs again and Microsoft Flight Simulator X will show up. Click on it and remove it. Once uninstall is complete, follow the steps below.


GO TO C :\( Assumed its on c) Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X and remove all the sub folders, then the “Flight Simulator X” folder, do this by deleting all of them which are associated to FSX. Clear deleted items then close explorer. Restart Windows.


Download and run this patch: KB928080, extract the file, it will put the executable in a folder under C. Click on that .exe file and it should run/complete in just a few seconds. – FWIW - As advice, create a folder on another drive if possible call it something like Flight Simulator X\Patches and Utilities\Sp-1 then one called SP2 and then one called Patches – Put this fix in the patches folder, you will need it each and every time you uninstall and reinstall FSX.


Now restart PC. Once logged in, put Disc 1 in the CD-Drive and it should auto run and start the install process. When asked put in disc 2. Assuming everything goes according to plan, you should get the activate screen, put in your activation codes, finish that process, then FSX will create scenery library’s, and a few other things. Finally the splash screen will come up. Close FSX, now install SP-1, when it finishes, install SP-2. Restart PC one more time, even though not asked too.


Now FSX should run perfectly, configure the settings to your liking. I have run FSX on Vista, Windows 7 – 8 – and 10 and no issues. It’s helpful if you have hardware of good enough quality to run the program properly.


FWIW – I have uninstalled FSX and reinstalled it twice in the last day or two, to remove some freeware planes I did not want cluttering up my FSX program. Trying to remove them, the panels, scenery, and etc. one line at a time was too much trouble.

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It has been my experience with working with windows since Beta Testing 95/98 that SP's generally write over the previous version, if old stuff is being fixed with new stuff. SP-2 most likely overwrites anything that was in error in SP-1. I have never had to uninstall SP-1 before installing SP-2, in fact, it does not show up after installing SP-2, so you cannot take it off, you have to take off the whole FSX.
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