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What type of computer do you need to run at max settings?


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The fastest Intel i7 you can buy, preferably one running at 4 GHz or faster, with 8GB of RAM and something like a GeForce 970 GPU if you are running a 4K monitor.


While the changes aren't big, the Steam version may be slightly faster in some situations. The real difference is only the Steam edition is widely available right now. Production of the boxed set ended some time ago.

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GOOD LUCK!!;) I'm running a i7 at 4.4Ghz with 16 gig of DDR4 2400 ram. On all but most basic of default scenery I'm pretty much limited to Very Dense. Heavy areas like London, I'm on Dense if I want to keep it running for more than a few minutes.


However, I agree with loki. Whether you're running FSX, Steam, or P3D, you'll want that big i7!:cool: I have used each format and don't see enough difference to recommend one other than the other. Except I like the appearance of the sky and weather better on FSX than P3D. But that's just me.


Having said all of that. If I were brand new and didn't have a lot money invested in add on scenery and planes, I'd be giving a really hard look to the new software called X Plane 11 before I go involved with FSX or P3D. The screenshots I've seen look great. Speed, etc., I haven't a clue. But I suggest you check it out!! :cool:

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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A nice Cray would do the job, or some other super-computer. Maybe a quantum computer...

What I'm saying is, over-all, you need a computer out of the range of the average human. At least to run FSX at full bore.

The other folks ideas are about the the bet you can get to run FSX at the best it will run...



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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What type of computer do you need to run FSX at max settings?


Also is it different for the normal and steam edition?


I am talking about at max settings at about 30-45 FPS.


Answer: It depends

It depends on how many, and what scenery you want to add

It depends on what aircraft you want to add and how you intend to fly them

It depends on what other compromises you are prepared to make to those sliders far right

It depends on what flying you intend to do


The simple answer is there is no computer that will run FSX of ANY edition with sliders far right if you also take advantage of the developments in mesh, textures, vector graphics, detailed scenery, addons and aircraft available today that weren't around 10 years ago when FSX was released. And if you buy a supercomputer to GET those sliders far right, why would you NOT also optimise the detail and veracity of the viewing experience?


If however, you just want to be a casual simmer and use the default setup with default aircraft then an I7 with a GTX970, SSD a 64-bit OS and a large quantity of RAM will get you what you want.


For anything else, be more specific.

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