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Thread: MS has charged me for Xbox!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiger1962 View Post
    - have you uninstalled the Xbox App and your Steam version runs without it?
    I uninstalled Xbox long ago and I've never had any problems running the sim on PC. Purchased through Steam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadraft View Post
    I uninstalled Xbox long ago and I've never had any problems running the sim on PC. Purchased through Steam.
    Thanks for the confirmation Mike, that's good to know.
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    Thank all of you who have responded to this post.
    I phoned MS Customer Services and received excellent help from a guy called Jay (in India?).
    After checking that there was no MS record of my having made the subscription, he gave me a multi digit reference number and advised me to contact Mastercard through my bank, and tell them I had not authorised the debit, and ask them to recover from MS quoting that number.
    The refund has now been made.

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    Hi Frank,
    Thanks for the update. That is excellent news!

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    Excellent news - thnks for the update!

    Happy flying.
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