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Thread: Bit of a downer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColR1948 View Post

    I bought a pre-loaded hard drive with Windows 10, so I installed it and now got XP11 up and running, I went on it and it ran good but I need to get used to it again, but at least it's there now.

    This thread sounds a lit like me. It seems most times when I try something new it's a two step forward three step back process for quite some time! Speaking of which, yes I'm probably going to do the XP-11 thing as well.

    I sure wasted $100+ on MSFS! It used to be the case when you invested in software it was fairly update and stable. With MSFS you pay to do all their testing for them and they aren't really into pc users anyway.

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    True Michael, I once got involved with a submarine sim, it was OK but the users got in to modding it and made it better, I was involved in a group who transformed it from a German U-Boat sim and made an American sub sim.
    The next version they changed the code so made it harder for players to mod it, as time went by they did start to mod it and add more ships and subs, it is now a very good sim and is still being modded by the players.


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