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Thread: Things I miss from FS 10

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    Default Things I miss from FS 10

    I now will only post a shorten list of things that I miss from FS10.

    The first that I think about is the VFR MAP.

    In FS 10 you could do a lot more things than the one we now have.
    You could pick up and place your plane any where you please and place it any direction.
    You could get rid of any or all of the items that you deem clutter.
    You could see the path that your plane took.
    If you wanted you could zoom out a lot farther than the new one.
    The city's all had names which was great for dorks like me.
    I remember one time when I placed my Baron 130,000 feet. The engine died and it went wild until it got down to a lower altitude. Pretty cool.
    It is too bad the new map can't do these things. I miss it.

    It seems that sometime people makes things more complicated than need be. That is probability not true but we are talking about computers and all the lovely things you can do with them. If they can do so much then how about using some of that computer power to make things a little more simple for us.
    Half the time I have no idea what they are talking about. I think they could do it if they were not so lazy. I need to get back on track.

    In FS 10 you could move around easier than today. Like in FS 2010 when you start down a path you are locked in and the only way out to start all over from the start. For example, several times when I build a flight I forget about the time and end up starting a flight in the middle of the night when I really wanted it to be high noon.. To correct it I have to go to the runways to build a new flight. (unless I don't know how to build a flight)
    In FS 10 all I had to do was pull up the time and just like that my problem was solved.

    That is all for now.
    I have to fly over to Paris and try for the umpteen time try to fly under that tall tower over there.
    Just one more thing.
    FS 2010 is my flight sim of choice and I don't want to complain about it too much.
    FS 10 has had plenty of time to iron out the kinks. It's time has come and is time to move on.
    More to come later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VFRguy View Post
    or example, several times when I build a flight I forget about the time and end up starting a flight in the middle of the night when I really wanted it to be high noon.. To correct it I have to go to the runways to build a new flight.
    In the sim, move your cursor toward the top of the screen and click on the white bar that appears there. A row of icons will drop down.
    Each icon opens a different settings menu, the cloud icon allows you to change the date and time as well as the weather.
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    Glen, you’ll find the VFR map by clicking the small white triangle which appears at the top of the screen, as Tim has already said.
    However, I personally find it pretty useless.

    The are loads of free maps available though, many of which use google street maps
    Like this one for example..

    There are also maps which will display on a tablet or smartphone. You see your plane moving across the map & it’s ideal for finding your way around the towns & cities.
    Like this excellent one.. This one isn’t free but it’s very cheap (something like $2 if I remember correctly)

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    For what it's worth, you don't have to give up FSX just because you are getting into MSFS now. They can coexist just fine on the same computer. I have MSFS, P3D5, and FSX all on this computer.

    I keep FSX around to fly the Captain Sim 727 and L1011, along with the PMDG MD-11 and JS4100. Dave Maltby's freeware Trident and BAC 1-11 also are worth keeping in flying shape! None of these planes will likely ever make it into P3D, let alone MSFS (maybe the JS4100, because RR loves it). But I can still fly them whenever I want and enjoy some of the things about FSX that you mention missing in MSFS.

    FSX with ORBX FTX Global Base and Vector, Active Sky weather, REX Soft Clouds, and Steve's DX10 fixer looks pretty darn good. Honestly, the sky and weather look better than what's available in MSFS, imo. MSFS obviously is a quantum leap in ground scenery!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dnpaul View Post

    FSX with ORBX FTX Global Base and Vector, Active Sky weather, REX Soft Clouds, and Steve's DX10 fixer looks pretty darn good. Honestly, the sky and weather look better than what's available in MSFS, imo.
    With all these addons I feel no urgency in getting MSFS whatsoever. The sim peaked with FSX. Now had MSFS added something revolutionary it may have been different, but apart from fancy scenery I see no benefit. I'm thinking sort sort of career mode or similar, or actual grading system as in real world maybe.
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    And THAT my friends is why that ice cream store chain makes all them flavors. Some folks still delight in playing the text version of Zork, and that's fine too.

    Thankfully we ALL get to choose how we spend the 24 hours we all get each day. Asobo/Microsoft came out with this latest flight sim version, which I find spectacular by the way, but it did NOT come with a requirement that everyone purchase and use it.

    You only gotta keep YOU happy after all. I make MY daily choices based solely upon what I want to do each day with MY 24. Now and then that includes plugging in the various flight-sim hardware I bought and taking virtual flight anywhere on the globe I care to visit.
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    Thumbs down Msfs2020

    Although I had an FSX demo, I never installed FSX and I really went from FS2004 to '2020. It's true that '2020 seems unnecessarily complex. What is Anthropomorphic Posturatypical Threading and if there was such a thing, why should I care? I'm a pilot and sim fan, not a programmer. I miss instant replay most of all. I am a perfectionist and I loved critiquing my own landings and maneuvers. I miss tower view and fly-by view. I miss being able to have the option of a simplified forward view with basic instrumentation and not being stuck with just the frame-rate-sucking virtual cockpit. I miss being able to fly without the program crashing-to-desktop or freezing half the time. I so much miss being able to download and fly almost every kind of aircraft known to mankind. Seriously, my FS2004 aircraft folder put the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum to shame. Now if I want to fly the extra handful of useable aircraft for MSFS2020, I have to go to their own, approved marketplace and pay a premium for an airplane. I miss the time when updates would not potentially cause Flightsimulator to malfunction or even crash and not be useable. I miss the time when good enough could just be left alone.

    I think MSFS2020 was released prematurely and probably should have been more like MSFS-2021 or 2022. It could have been made, while not perfect, at least been reliable and useable. I am going back to FSX, maybe even X-Plane for now.
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    But the scenery…. Oh, the scenery!!! Lol
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    I was a long-time user of FSX (15 years), augmented by Ultimate Terrain and other add-ons, and can testify that it was a great sim for its time. But I have a completely different perspective from some of the opinions presented in this thread. For me, MSFS 2020 completely blows away FSX and X-plane; it is a revolutionary advance, as has indeed been recognized in most professional reviews. The ultra-realistic satellite-based scenery and advanced weather and flight dynamics give a feeling feeling of immersion that is beyond what any earlier sim has to offer. To address some specific points raised:

    First, while I had hundreds of aircraft in FSX I flew only a select few; most just stayed in the hangar. What is the the benefit of having zillions of planes when most of them go unused? The premium deluxe version of MSFS comes with 40 planes, and others (e.g. the Grumman Goose) are available as freeware. This is a bit more than a "handful".

    Second, the virtual cockpits in MSFS are NOT "frame-rate-sucking", if your system is reasonably good. Frames are not an inherent problem in MSFS; in comparison, it was much worse in FSX when it was introduced. Especially since the latest update, I have found that flying in most regions is silky smooth, even in scenery-dense areas.

    Third, tower view and fly-by view ARE available in MSFS via the drone camera, which is an amazing tool if you take the trouble to learn how to use it, but it takes patience. For those unwilling to do this, sorry, but it is hardly a defect in the program.

    Finally, whether or not MSFS was released prematurely, after 9 months and five major updates it has evolved into a truly fantastic sim, and with many hundreds of add-ons (many of them freeware) it is becoming more so all the time.
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    opinions , opinions thats all what we hear here, and i have those too.
    it doesnt really matter whatever you play, as long as you have fun doing it.
    still i see a trend of certain ppl really sticking to their old , probably heavily invested stuff, and bashing
    the sim for no reason at all.
    no way i can go back to the other sims, and it seems a vast majority thinks the same.

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