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Thread: Is It CH Rudder Peddles, Or Me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianhr View Post
    "Landing is one of the easiest maneuvers in flying."

    While landing is hardly the most difficult maneuver one faces as a pilot, for the average sim pilot with no real-world flight experience, taking off, climbing, turning, flying straight and level, and descending are much easier. If you don't care how they look, even loops, rolls, lazy eights, et al. are pretty easy . But after having had the whole virtual sky to wander in, bringing your bird down to a relatively small spot on the surface at the right speed, in the right attitude, at the right sink rate and then bringing it to a successful stop can be a challenge.

    And you should bear in mind that for some people it can be discouraging to be told that the thing they're trying to master is "one of the easiest".
    Lamding is not one of the easiest manoeuvres, crashing is.
    Utter rot from a non-pilot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mallcott View Post
    ..Utter rot from a non-pilot!
    Hello Sir Super aviator.
    How has that to do with the OPs post? Can you help? Yes, do it. No, I would not use any bandwidth with useless remarks.
    Clairvoyant are you? You need to get together with Shirley McSomething and exchange views.

    Are they letting GA go above 2500 ft now? I've had a few of you compatriots begging to get trained in US.

    Had a bad day? Past your 6:00 PM bedtime? One of the Asobo20 Testers?

    To OP, give those settings a try, and I suggest you do not pay attention to these kinds of posts, you will have no problem getting the landing down, just follow my procedure outlined.

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    Just wanted to say "Thanks" for all the feedback...I tried Flytv1's approach and it worked for me
    Also, others, like dashort3 and someone else here mentioned the braking. This time I tried flytv1's brakeless landing and that's what worked. Just found that the rudder was a little difficult until the plane slowed down. Peddles may be a little sensitive.

    Didn't even use the brakes until I taxied off the runway to parking. Don't know where I got that fully depress upon landing idea. On YouTube, even airliners seem to brake very gradually. Well, live and learn. Thanks, again
    P.S. 200 fpm before landing seemed like I used up a lot of runway. But at least I didn't totally, F&%* up. Thanks....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mina's Man View Post
    ...P.S. 200 fpm before landing seemed like I used up a lot of runway. But at least I didn't totally, F&%* up. Thanks....
    This is just the most basic, raw, approach and you can very easily make small changes and create perfect, greasers.. landings. If, as you get close to ground, right before touch down you slowly bring the top of he cowl, see some of my posts as to the setting your cockpit view to see the top partial of the cockpit, to the end of the runway, then power off just in time of touch own.. you can get perfect landings. You can add to that the Power Off landings, Short and Soft field... as you get more proficient
    The point is to get the basics down and build upon it.
    None of the sims re very good at landings and or presenting the proper out the cockpit view, overly sensitive to controls... making things a lot more difficult than they need to be.
    Add to that some developers, like Assobo, have no real direct knowledge about real flying, they have to rely on other companies to just about everything other than the eye candy, and you have a recipe for disaster.
    By the same token you have LR / Austin? that writes code that he things that's how the acft should behave like, not code to simulate how the acf that is already flying for over 50 years flies, and you have this arrogance that helps no one.
    But we have to do with what we have, some changes can be made to the flight dynamics in FSX, XP.. to help but the Xwind landings flight dynamics in XP are in a need of a lot of help. In the Assobo20 all the control inputs are out of wack and a horrible release.
    Just in case you want to set your view properly in XPlane you can use Up/Down/L/R/,/. keys to set your
    position inside the cpit and save that using Ctrl+Numkey 1-9 the to recall just use the Numkey you saved the setting to.
    I also make many changes to the original / default 172 and if you are familiar with a Text editor, or Plane maker you can modify your .acf files to your liking, see some info below. Make small changes at the time.
    Note: make sure you Save your original first, I typically rename them to .oriVerx

    Moves Cpit to proper view: G1000
    1. P acf/_pe_xyz/0 -0.700000012 L/R =smaller neg -.7
    2. P acf/_pe_xyz/1 1.520000048 U/D Small=Down SR22 1.89
    3. P acf/_pe_xyz/2 2.830000000 F/B Small=Front SR –6.74
    Increase Flap Deploy time to 6 sec.
    P acf/_flap1_dn/count 12
    P acf/_flap2_dn/count 12

    P acf/_slat1_dn/count 12 was 10
    P acf/_slat2_dn/count 12
    P acf/_flap_ext_time 7.0 was 4
    P acf/_flap_ret_time 7.0

    P acf/_average_mac_acf 4.600265980

    Moves wings Down and Back 172 SP 6Pk
    P _obja/31/_v10_att_y_acf_prt_ref -0.300000012
    P _obja/31/_v10_att_z_acf_prt_ref 0.300000012

    Moves wings Down and Back 172 G1000
    P _obja/18/_v10_att_y_acf_prt_ref -0.30000012 was 0
    P _obja/18/_v10_att_z_acf_prt_ref 0.300000012
    Lights move
    1. P _obja/21/_v10_att_y_acf_prt_ref -0.300000012
    P _obja/21/_v10_att_z_acf_prt_ref 0.300000012

    P acf/_ailn_tab 0.004550000 //for rc1 .0040 for RC2 .00355
    P acf/_rudd_tab 0.004000000 // .002 was 005

    DIEHEDRAL better rudder control in Xwind
    P _wing/10/_dihed_design 3.500000000 was 1.5 try 2.5
    P _wing/11/_dihed_design 3.500000000

    No Particles--If missing add them
    In 11.50 may be
    P acf/_no_default_gun_fx 1 - was 0
    P acf/_no_default_heat_fx 1
    P acf/_no_default_smoke_fx 1
    P acf/_no_default_wash_fx 1
    P acf/_no_default_gear_fx 1

    11.40 ver
    P acf/_no_default_engine_fx 1 --If missing add them next to Gun in .acf was 0
    P acf/_no_default_gear_fx 1 --If missing add them next to Gun in .acf
    P acf/_no_default_gun_fx 1

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    Flytv1, thanks also for the screenshots on Response Curves. I have to admit, most of the videos on this subject (YouTube) have me totally buffaloed. Guess I'm just dumb, or something. Anyway, response curves are something that I will work on once I've got the basics down pat. Thanks, again...

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    Hi Mina.
    I forgot to say but the information above, about the cockpit view, is based on 4K resolution. I use MSFSX and XPlane in 4K only

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    Damnit!!! Here we go again....Flew to Las Vegas (KLAS)...Landed on Rwy 1L fairly well. Then it started all over again...Plane goes to the left...Right rudder to correct...plane goes wild...ends up in the left-hand ditch!!!! GD PEDDLES!!!
    Now, it's under the (again)...mess with the sensitivities (again) mess around with the response curves!!!! Not a happy camper right now
    P.S. BTW, Mina's my wife's name....She thinks I'm crazy...Maybe she's right!!!!
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    I've been around sims from the time before PC existed and I've been Real world flying for over 40 years and I can tell you that if the C172 would be as difficult to use like in some the sim, not many people would be flying them today.
    You just have plan and think way ahead in the sims because it takes a long time to properly respond / stabilize with the end result, to the user, being over correction.
    Get your numbers down Level at certain speeds, Around the Pattern, Down 500.. and be patient, set your power and wait for the software to catch up with you.
    The thing to keep in mind is Pitch + Power= Performance if either one changes it affects the others, KNOW your numbers and Be patient.
    The Ground handling in XP even without Xwind is very difficult the trick is to use the rudders at very low speed and if you use brakes you Must apply them at exactly the same time or you will likely end up in the ditch.
    I can tell you that the C172 in Real World is one of the easiest to fly and most forgiving plane in existence.
    None of the sims are very good at representing it in the sims. The best ground handling is the MSFSX, P3D, even the new Assobo has very poor response to control input, probably the worst of the bunch.

    Don't spent time with re calibration, unless you have a device that is very unstable it will not change. the CH Brakes are basically handled as switches, you apply them and they are fully on.
    There is a change you can make in the C172... .acf file, see below, to make the brakes less forceful but it takes longer to stop.
    Rudder on the ground adjust
    P acf/_brake_co 1.0
    P acf/_no_hydro_force_mult_brakes 1.0
    P acf/_brake_to_steer_power 2.0 try 1.0 <<<<<
    There only only a couple things that help, patience, and know your numbers.

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    flytv1: Thanks again. The best advise you could have given me is patience...Something I'm not known for. BTW, I flew this morning, and was not half bad. One thing I did was keep my damn toes OFF the toe brakes. I absolutely refused to touch them. Plane rolled down the runway, and again, I didn't brake until I left it. Not a bad session if I say so myself. Well, thanks again. And yes, I'll be more consistent with the numbers....

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    Damnit....Here we go again. I'm struggling like crazy. An hour ago, the same thing happens. Did NOT touch the brakes...Plane went violently to the left...I barely touched the pedals. Uncontrol able. After all was said and done, the plane was propped up on it's tail...nose-wheel high in the air...I'm sick of this BS. Patience...I'm out of it...I'm actually beginning to hate this sim.

    Speaking of which...Tried reaching out to X Plane forum. Bloody waste of time. Nobody answered. I've tried everything I can think of...Calibration, response curves, I even thought the CH peddles were damaged. So I bought a set of Logitech. Nice hardware...too bad they didn't solve the problem.

    I guess I just can't fly. Not everyone can.....

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