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Thread: Update Available - But Doesn't Appear to be Installing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kapitan View Post
    Guys, didnt you read other posts on this subject
    The update will be available tomorrow.

    And note that files like this (prepared to updated but still greyed out) will happen often since updates are always released on Thursdays as Asobo MS have said

    So just wait
    just wait
    Actually, if you read their last development update, it only says the patch release date will be provided tomorrow, not necessarily the patch itself.


    The team is currently working hard to provide a patch update to address issues that have been recently reported. Expect a release date for the patch in our August 27th update.
    It would be good if we do get the first patch tomorrow though.

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    Same here...
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    Today I have been trying to get the update and nothing is working. The SIM start to load , I press any key to start and then I get the message mandatory update available and when I click OK it takes me to the MS store. The I go to the upper right and click the dots next to the play button and hit update. Then nothing at all happens. Now I can not even get the sim going.

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    Close the sim. Go to Store / Gaming
    Click on the "..." field at the top right; select "Downloads and updates"
    From your game list: Select "MSFS 2020" by clicking on that field, highlighting it. Then click update.
    The download is about 1 GB. When you open the sim it will be ready to download and install the 7.52 GB patch. Ignore the "Connection lost" message that may pop up. Don't click OK.

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    Default finally did the latest update 10/29 and the flight dynamics are not well

    Did the latest update and I can not seem to get the Cessna 172 off the ground it has been working fine till the update

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