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Thread: Can't find a way to activate FSX

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    Default Can't find a way to activate FSX

    Hi All,

    I had to reinstall Windows (now 10) on my laptop so I had to it too for my FSX Gold Edition. Now, after several attempts, I'm desesperate and can't activate the product with my product key. So I play in demo mode that closes after 30 minutes and doesn't allow add-ons. Main issue: when I load the game, I never had the registration window.

    This is what I did without success. Would you have any other solution?

    - Unchecked Run in compatibility mode in the FSX.exe property as recommanded in this forum Sticky post.

    - Used the Registry editor to allow the game registration window to open on startup as here :

    - Called Microsoft Activation Center but they could not activate the product by phone since no registration window is opening.

    - Checked in the Help / About menu to ensure the product is not registered.

    Thanks very much in advance!
    With FS2020 coming, me and my son are more eager than ever to go back to flightsim.


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    Be aware that if and when FS2020 comes out, it will probably demand much more of your hardware than FSX could ever dream of.

    I am saying IF above because all we have seen so far from Microsoft is vaporware.


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    I agree. A new pc will sure be needed. Meanwhile, because FS2020 won't probably come before late fall, FSX and all the add-ons accumulated since 2012 is still a solution.

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    And if all else fails and you still cannot activate your FSX, then you can always buy the Steam version.

    You just have to get used to a different directory structure.


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    You said after win10 was installed you reinstalled it a few times. Did it activate the first times, but no longer now?
    Explain all the things you tried with fsx after putting win10 on there.
    And also explain the steps of the last install attempt.
    (the correct steps would be: install deluxe with it's installer, activate deluxe, run deluxe and do short flight. Reboot, install Acceleration with it's installer, activate it, run accel and do short flight, close fsx. Reboot again, done.)

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    After W10 reinstall I did just one reinstallation : FSX Deluxe but not Acceleration.
    Since I could keep my main FSX folder on my hard drive over W10 reinstall which has been tweaked over the last 8 years, I wanted to rerun it. So the reinstallation mentioned above was made in paralel of the old installation. As you can guess, the idea was reinstalling the files lost on the C drive (FSX.cfg, scenery.cfg, etc).

    My old good copy ran good for a month now. I had the error message on startup for a few weeks saying that my copy was not registered but never saw any registration window opening. I no longer have the error message but I'm still limited to 30 minutes and no add-on (FSUIPC makes FSX crash when installed).

    I also had a backup of FSX.cfg, scenery.cfg etc which I could put back on the C drive after FSX reintall. FSX was tested at each step.

    Searching on the web, I found that there is a way to makes reappear the registration windows but as mentionned, it doesn't works for me.

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    Keeping in mind that with FSX Gold Edition there are 3 discs and 2 different activations to do. After installing the first 2 discs an activation is needed. After installing Acceleration, another activation is needed. I would uninstall Acceleration and work on the first activation. Then install Acceleration and do the PartMgr trick.
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    Since my recent reinstall did not include Acceleration but just de two first discs, and did not provided a registration window (even with the PartMgr trick), should I understand from your comment that my old first installation (Deluxe+Acceleration) may interfere with the access to a registration window?

    This would mean a complete desinstall, even of my old first FSX folder on my D drive, and not just the recent reinstall?


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    You keep saying "the old install"
    You say so installed Win10. You then have a Win10 with nothing else installed.
    If you have an old folder with fsx files and copied that folder to the new win10 system then that is not an old install. It's just a folder with files. No more.

    An install is: the result of running the fsx installer on the fsx deluxe DVD.
    That creates: the default fsx folders, but also several fsx required registry items, also resists items for activation, and the required system files like fsx.cfg, and installs DX9. (and maybe does more as well.).

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    Yes, I suggest if you have no luck installing FSX with the discs, then D/L the FSX Steam edition: The cost is nominal, it's almost hassle-free, and Steam has tweeked FSX to remove some of the inherent problems found on the original disc version...

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