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Thread: Installing FS2004 into Windows 10 & Copying FS2004 from your OLD PC to your NEW PC

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    Default Installing FS2004 into Windows 10 & Copying FS2004 from your OLD PC to your NEW PC

    To INSTALL FS2004 to your new Windows 10 PC

    1. Install into C:\ NOT into it's default C:\Program Files
    2. Install the 9.1 updatel
    3. Install the 9.1 nocd patch
    4. Right-click the FS9.exe, select Properties
    5. Select Compatibility mode, & select XP
    6. At bottom, then select 'Run as Administrator'
    7. Double click the desktop icon

    To COPY & PASTE from your OLD PC to your NEW Windows 10 PC

    From your OLD PC:
    1. Copy the whole FS2004 folder to a portable drive
    2. Open the Documents Folder & copy the 'Flight Simulator Files' folder to a portable drive
    3. Find the FS2004.cfg file & copy it to your portable drive
    This is normally found in C:\Users\xxx(your user)\appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\FS9
    An easy way to find this FS2004.cfg is to download EVERYTHING from
    (This is a very fast desktop search engine that will find the file as you type)

    Once all that is done:
    1. Plug the portable drive into your NEW PC
    2. Open the C:\ folder & copy & paste the copied FS2004 folder therein
    3. Right-click the FS2004.exe & 'Send to Desktop (create shortcut) You now will have a Desktop FS2004 icon
    4. Copy & paste the 'Flight Simulator Files' folder into your 'Documents' folder
    5. Right-click the FS9.exe, select Properties
    6. Select Compatibility mode, & select XP
    7. At bottom, then select 'Run as Administrator'
    8. Double click the desktop icon
    9. Copy & Paste the FS2004.cfg file into C:\Users\xxx(your user)\appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\FS9
    10. Double click the desktop icon

    NOTE: I'm interchanging FS9 with FS2004. Be consistent with your install!
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Wow! Thanks Robin, for the detailed "how-to" tips. Similar issues with my Win10 setup. Just in case installing to C:\ doesn't always work, I've had some success installing FS9 (and other older sims & games) into C:\Games\. Win10 doesn't seem to cause so many issues when installed there. Another alternative, which has worked best for me, is to re-use my old WinXP hard drive from my old PC and set up a dual boot for running older sims. Thanks again for your detailed "how-to".

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    Why did you not install it in the default location?

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    Because you will get errors, you will not be able to edit cfg files & other issues.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Thanks, Robin. Your instructions are timely as I just installed a new hard drive in April 2020. Luckily for me, I am able to retrieve all data on the dead hard drive.

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    Pleasure, Sam.. Pleased you got sorted with all your data.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    This may be my first post, so patience please? Thnx.

    I've been running FS2004 and FSX on my new Win10 machine - did the original install into the C:\programs, etc folder (default). But unlike on my previous Win7 machine, I've had tremendous problems adding AC and textures - in particular from Historic Jetliners Group (a great set of AC/panels/textures). They seem to install, but FS9 doesn't "see" them in the AC drop-down. I've always suspected there's something that Win10 doesn't like about FS9. So, I'm going to try to re-install to C:\root.

    Since all my FS files are already on the C drive (solid state, very quick, etc.), can I just copy/move them to a new Flight Simulator 9 folder that I create on C:\, and then move the associated data files?

    Or, should I just reinstall FS9 from the CDs and then copy the folder & subfolders? Not a huge problem to do a clean install, but wondering.

    Or, start from scratch, and install all my add-ons one at a time?

    Thanks - and if it's true that Win10 doesn't like FS9, then shame on them, right?

    PS - FSX seems to work fine in the programs folder - but I haven't tried many add-ons with that.

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    Welcome Dan,
    You can just copy & paste from your Program Files to your new folder in C:\
    Then RENAME the original FS9 FOLDER in Program Files to FS9-Backup, or anything you prefer.
    You now have a backup of your FS9, that you can MOVE to a portable drive
    Also delete the FS9 icon on the desktop
    Open the new FS9 folder in C:\
    Right-click the FS9.exe & Send to Desktop
    Double click that to run the sim
    All should be good, key assignments must be redone (as a new fs9.cfg has been created)
    Then, go to
    and download the Registry Repair Tool, & run it.
    This tells the registry where the NEW FS9 is sitting.
    You might have to reinstall payware, & maybe re-add scenery into the scenery library.

    A bit lengthly, but it's quicker to do than to explain...

    Have fun,
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Thanks so much. I'll try it and report back. Most of my add-ons are freeware (including lots from Flightsim) because I'm cheap. And even if I do have to re-install, I've gotten all that down to a science by now.


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    Good luck, Dan.
    Try the copy & paste method, it works.
    I have 8 different installs of FS9 on my laptop, all copied & pasted from my original backup which is on my portable drive.

    All that's needed to do is to rename the main folder & the FS9.exe, & send that to desktop as a shortcut.

    Cape Town, South Africa

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