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Thread: Can Microsoft Flight Simulator's 2020 reboot solve the pilot shortage?

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    Default Can Microsoft Flight Simulator's 2020 reboot solve the pilot shortage?

    From CNN:

    Can Microsoft Flight Simulator's 2020 reboot solve the pilot shortage?

    I don't think a new flightsim will address the life-crippling debt from expensive pilot training, the low starting pay, or terrible working hours of new pilots.

    But a good read.

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    Agreed. Airlines around the world are shooting themselves in the foot with "pay-to-fly" recruitment of trainee pilots, which they introduced when the previously plentiful supply of experienced ex-military pilots all but dried up. Students leaving University with hefty loans these days aren't looking for further massive debt to join an industry which can no longer guarantee the returns it used to - airlines around the world are going bust every other week it seems.
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    Can Microsoft Flight Simulator's 2020 reboot solve the pilot shortage?
    Of course not. It may help, to a limited degree, in interesting some young folks in aviation, and it may help, to some degree, to let non-pilots learn about aviation and, particularly, about flying an airplane and operating some systems. It also will, as have those versions before it, provide a way for pilots, new and old, to get some practice in various kinds of procedures (instrument, VOR, NDB and more).

    But it won't teach a lot of what even a Private Pilot needs to know, it won't even come close to preparing a person for any flight test, or even a written test, for any certificate or rating. It won't do that even with a CFI on hand all the time, though that would add benefit to FS use, but that's just as true of previous versions (X-Plane too).

    Of course it won't address what Dave mentioned at all, and most other problems it'll be of very limited assistance. However, it might help some folks to maintain their interest in flying, so that's a plus.

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