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Thread: How do you keep FSX interesting?

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    Default Millions of Freeware Planes

    I keep FSX interesting by flying tons of planes that are non-existent in MSFS.

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    Default Fly aircraft and missions from books

    Sometimes I read a story or book that includes GA flying. I typically download the aircraft and re-enact the flights. If I want to get fancy, I locate hotels for overnights, and make simulated reservations.

    In one case, I actually built a fictional airport to fly to and from.


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    Default Cannibal Queen

    Cool! I'm working on doing that after reading the book "Flight of the Cannibal Queen".

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    I just discovered FltPlan Go! installed it on my 10" tablet, hooked it up with FSX and OMG! the new world of google map suddenly opens to my heart's content!! (years ago I had google earth with FSX but it was a pain to install and to run, Not so with FltPlan Go)

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    I fly the VRS Super Hornet F-18E. I strap on a few bombs and head out to the bombing range, fly to it and let loose! I usually select a random range. I do a lot of military flights on my sim.
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    Enough force behind a brick will make it fly!

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    Air Hauler 2

    goog it

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