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How do you keep FSX interesting?

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Hi folks,


What do you do on FSX to keep things interesting? Fun addons? try different planes? practice non-normal procedures? do ATW trips? VatSim? FSPassenger? Missions? etc


I'm just trying to get ideas to keep FSX fresh.

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Try mixing it up a bit! Put a check in the box at the bottom of the missions to make changes. Try the Telluride mission with a 747 at night with a blazing thunderstorm! I landed that only once! Great add-on scenery here like the upgrade for Saba about 25 miles from Princess Juliana-St. Martens also the scenery upgrade for Juliana itself. Except that will kinda goof up the reward for the Caribbean Landing Mission! Keep 'em flying!

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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I sometimes like to try landing in puddles in people's back yards.

This is the default FSX scenery in Florida a few miles SW of Palm Beach Airport (KLNA), there are swampy lakes everywhere,








PS- This thread will never die as people keep adding to it so I've had the bright idea of doing this INDEX of the main posts, I'll also post it at intervals throughout the thread and edit updates into it.

(Note the page numbers are with the Default forum setting which gives 10 posts per page)


p1- Swampy puddles (also pp33/34)


p2- Photoreal cross-country.

Interesting Airfields and Flights.

Bell X-1.


p3- Glider assault.


p4- Thermals (also p5 and p8).

Map printout and bad weather flying.


p5- Earhart's last flight.

Livery art.

Hang glider.

Thermals (also p4 and 8).


p6- Glider tow.

Carrier (also on p7,18 and 35).



p7- Carrier (also p6, 18 and 35).


p8- Dole air race.

Thermals (also p3 and p5).


p14- Terrain mods.


p15- Aspen approach in snow.


p16- Default NY.


p17- Boeing 737.


p18- Helipads.

Iris Texan with FTX and XOPI.

Carrier (also p6,7 and 35).


p19- Turbo Duke avionics.


p20- Intercepting AI aircraft (also p22).


p22- Following roads.


p25- Photothread link.

Flight 19 final flight route.


p26- Leadville high-altitude takeoffs.


p27- Parachute jumper.

Jurassic flight.


p28- Archaeology.



p29- Landing into Eagle, Colorado.


p30- Trike ultralight.


p31/32- Chopper roofpad landing.

Hiller H-23 heli writeup.


p33- Overheated engine blows (also p42)

Sextant navigation.

Swampy puddles (also pp1/34).


p34- Swampy puddles (also p1/p33).

Kingsford Smith trans-Pacific flight.

STOL operations.


p35- Eyepoints and seat raise.

Carrier (also p6,7 and 18).

Dials HUD-style.

DME flying.


p37- Zoom and Viewpoint examples


p42- Hot stuff, engine fires (also p33)


p46- Pacific atoll navigation

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I like learning how to make missions, learning how FSX works and playing around with the aircraft and other files. The most fun is learning how to navigate the old fashioned way using general aircraft. There is so much information and addons, freeware and payware, that I have yet to be bored and oft times don't have enough time to do everything that I run across and would like to investigate further. Always need to leave enough time for flying.
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..The most fun is learning how to navigate the old fashioned way using general aircraft..


Yay, it's challenging fun to navigate on photo-real scenery by simply following roads, rivers, rails etc; here's my freeware Tiger Moth over Henley-on-Thames using a strip of GenX photoreal southern England scenery with the Treescapes prog added to provide 3D trees-




And I sit with a paper map on my lap, tracing my finger along it as i go. Here's the Henley area, i've got great respect for old time flyers who had to do it for real, often in bad weather especially in fast kites like Spitfires-


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Then of course there are a zillion addon aircraft to try, (many FS2004 will work in FSX), some are more challenging than others, such as this freeware Geebee Racer.

The major obstacle for us to overcome is the fact that it doesn't want to fly!

Just look at it, it's basically an unstreamilned engine with short stubby wings with a high wing loading making it prone to G-stall at the drop of a hat.

You don't fly it, you have to nanny it, and without flaps to slow it down landings are little more than russian roulette.

It's certainly one of the hardest things to fly in any flight sim i've had, and if you can fly it --and still walk away after landing-- you can fly anything!



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I tried landing a 747 on a 5000 ft. runway after drinking a six pack of Becks once. The nose gear wasn't to happy but I was



Try mixing it up a bit! Put a check in the box at the bottom of the missions to make changes. Try the Telluride mission with a 747 at night with a blazing thunderstorm! I landed that only once! Great add-on scenery here like the upgrade for Saba about 25 miles from Princess Juliana-St. Martens also the scenery upgrade for Juliana itself. Except that will kinda goof up the reward for the Caribbean Landing Mission! Keep 'em flying!


Yes...Try mixing it up a bit!...After you've drank your six pack of Becks try a few slugs of Jack Daniels, a few slugs of gin and a couple of funny cigarettes.


Your friends at Jack Daniel's remind you to drink responsibly.




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I agree 100% with Scatterbrainkid. Try flying using only NDB's or VOR's.

I somewhat disagree with the idea of "Keep finding something new."

I used to fly a different plane everytime, flying in different parts of the country. Since I got ORBX's PNW and Pacific Fjords two months ago, I have never been out of that area.

I got two planes that are excellent for Bush Flying, Carenado's Cessna 185F with Tundra tires and Amphibian set-up, and Sibwings Birddog. They are all I use now.

To me, getting to know the planes and the Area well make it more realistic. It is a real challenge to find some of those small airstrips when the visability is 5 miles, it's raining and there is a 20 knot wind blowing.

When the visability is low and your flying through mountains, it keeps you glued to the screen, I really get a sence of satisfaction when I finally make it to where I was going.

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Guest uriahms

I like to simulate any real world flight I know of or come across. I use flightaware.com to find airline routes that are short to medium haul. Sometimes I mix in a long haul. But yeah, I love airline flying. The possibilities are endless with different aircraft, times, routes, weather. Also, move away from free flight now and then and do the missions.


I also try different addons. FSPassangers was a delight. Then learning sophisticated payware airliners like PMDG 747, Wilco feelthere A320, Level-D 767. However I find these eventually get boring and it's back to the basics of simulating real world airline flights.

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This is my current FSX stable consisting partly of default FSX planes, but most are freeware addons, and only 3 are payware.

A lot are FS2004 but they work fine in FSX with a bit of tweaking if needed.

If you don't like a download for whatever reason, simply delete it and try another, I do it all the time..:)









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Ever since I was a kid (born in 1935) I loved airplanes. A childhood accident at age 6 put out my left eye so that pretty much sealed my dreams of flying. Now that you can get a license with vision in one eye, I can no longer afford it, not that it was ever really affordable to me. But thanks to many along my path in life who let me take control of the stick, I got a lot of real in flight jollies. In the early 80's, when the first flight sim came on the scene, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I have enjoyed this game (or whatever you wish to call it) ever since. My big dissapointment was seeing Microsoft (so to speak) throw the Flight Sim program under the bus. I looked forward to getting a new version every 2 or 3 years and they always made improvements. Being a navigation freak, I love flying the big iron on long hauls, but, like a RW airline pilot, that gets old on a daily basis. I am actually good friends with an ex US Airways Captain (Female) who still loves flying but says how boring it was flying from KPIT to KCLT over and over and over and over. Now that she is retired she'd love to do it again. But I digress. When I get tired of flying a 727 from KJFK to KMSY, I take a Mooney or some other small prop job and fly VFR along the coast from KTPA to KPNS or KPDX to KSFO. Coastal routes are always interesting. If stuff like this bores you, you can always go out and cut the grass (or shovel snow if it's the season).
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Hi all,


I fly FSX with minimal addons - only freeware aircraft and AI packages. That is mainly because my computer specs are low and it won't run much more. Regardless, I enjoy flying just because it's fun! That's my reason. I keep it interesting by flying actual airline routes at the right time of day - whether they are jets or turboprop regional aircraft! It's great fun!


Keep flyin' everyone! :)

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The last two years I have had fun ferrying the F1 teams around the world to their "flyaway" races. Navigraph helps with charts and Route Finder helps keep it real. This year, I am flying the Detroit Tigers around on their baseball trips. These are shorter hops, perfect for the PMDG 737 NGX. Hopefully, we'll go to the series this year! I've been simming since 1984; it just keeps getting better all the time!

Scott Sinclair

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Here's a collection of posts by people that have appeared in this forum on the theme "Interesting FSX Airfields and Flights"-

0V2- Salida, Colorado. 0V2 is surrounded by 12,000'-14,000' mountains. The Collegiate Peaks mountains to the west are the highest range of mountains in the contiguous United States (Shameless tourism plug)



7V1- Central Colorado Regional Airport in Buena Vista, Colorado. Just twenty miles north of 0V2, I have worked several times at this airport doing ARFF protection for several helicopter companies like QinetiQ, Agusta-Westland, Boeing and Agusta-Bell while they were doing high-altitude testing. The EH-101 Merlin (RAF and RN versions), A109, AB-139, and AH-64 Apache have all been tested here. The FSX version of 7V1 is better than the FS9 version because the roads around the airport are corrected, but still lacking correct location of buildings. The nearby town of Buena Vista has never been included in any FS version.



KLXV- Leadville, Colorado. The highest (9,927') airport in North America. It is also used for helicopter testing.



SABA- Saba Island, Netherland Antillles. The strip is only 1300' long with a dropoff to water on both ends. The default FSX scenery is okay, but there are several addon sceneries that are really good.



YLHI- Lord Howe Island, Australia. Located midway between Australia and New Zealand, the default scenery is lacking, but addons are available for improvement.



LHD- Lake Hood Seaplane Base, Anchorage, Alaska. If you like floatplanes, the busiest seaplane base in the world is located right next to PANC Anchorage International. Watch out for the 747's taking off nearby when you are landing your Beaver! At the real airport, cars can share the roads with airplanes. Airplanes have the right-of-way. I had to stop at a stop sign in my car to let an Otter taxi by.



EKVG- Vagar, The Faroes Islands. Default scenery is okay but there is a great addon available. Vagar is a great stopover for trans-Atlantic flights, but watch the fog!



KPWT - Bremerton, WA


Stevens Anchorage Int. (Sth central Alaska) (PANC) One of my favorite FSX flights is to grab my best bush plane and head North East up the Matanuaska River. Just follow that as far as you want. Along the way you'll run into a bunch of little gravel and grass strips that you can do some touch and goes on. The best two along that trip are Sheep Mountain (PASP) at 2270ft and at the end, Tazlina (Z14) at 900ft.



Catalina Island (KAVX). It sits on top of a high peak with fairly steep drop offs on both ends. I have the FSGenisis mesh, so it might not look that way with default scenery. They have an old DC3 that still delivers cargo there from Long Beach (KLGB) on a regular basis and if you try the same 30 mile trip in the default DC3 it can be challenging to get it stopped.



Milford Sound NZMF. It's at the end of a fjord, surrounded by 8000ft cliffs. You need a special licence to fly there RW. Speaking of which, there are the French altiports Courcheval, Mirabel etc, and of course Lukla in the Himalayas. There are some very challenging grass strips in Papua New Guinea (there's a very nice scenery series for PNG, was previewed recently in the screenshots forum). In the US, anything in Idaho ending in "Creek" will be challenging.



EGNM - Leeds Bradford,England because it is the home airport of Jet2 and, as I'm a shareholder in their parent company, I like to see 'my' planes (courtesy of the World of AI).



St. Barts is fairly challenging, also scenic.



Go to Idaho, and try anywhere with 'Creek' in the name. Lots of quite challenging bush airfields, and many are strictly one way in and one way out...



Have a look at the cool circuit in Idaho that srgalahad over at Sim Outhouse has set up for training for the RTW Race.


This has become my test circuit for new GA planes, and I love to fly it ever again for the challenge.

The approaches to ID67 and ID41 in particular are just devilish.



Denham EGLD and Fairoaks EGTF are quite interesting, because they are inside the Heathrow CTR (Class A), and require an SVFR clearance. You can also transit from one to the other (Denham is North of LHR and Fairoaks is South) on an SVFR clearance not above 1500ft QNH, which takes you under the Heathrow approach. Great fun to do on VATSIM, because it scares the bejesus out of the Heathrow controllers and big jet fliers!



The Grand Forks approach can be very interesting in bad weather.



Lukla in Kathmandu is a beautiful airport!



Castlegar CYCG is an interesting one. Also there's one called S16 Copalis State Park that's right on the beach, but it would be more interesting if FSX modeled tides (the parking can be awash at high tide).


Juneau, fly east to Snettisham 7AK2, climb to 5500 and descend through the mountains or fly west to Hoonah PAOH from there you can go to Skagway PAGY. I also like Girdwood AQY to Whittier PAWR. Birchwood to Bold is nice. Try Trail to Sullivan lake. These are all nice short flights, weather makes it way more fun.


Trail, B.C. to O9S (Sullivan Lake)

Head up the valley towards O9S set your wind for either RWY 16 or 34 both are challenging approaches. If you take the valley route following the river you can climb to 5,500'. For 16 you can approach through the valley and get down to 500' AGL on right base to be at the right altitude for short final. If you set up for 34 you can descend when you are over the strip and then do a tight descending 180 degree turn to final. Or leave Trail and fly straight to Sullivan Lake climbing to 9000' to clear the peak, then throttle back (no problem on the turbo charged Twin Otter) and glide to the strip.


Alaska:- AQY, Girdwood to PAWR Whittier

Take off from AQY and head up the sound to PAWR you can set up for either RWY 21 or 03 both are challenging. If you are aiming for 03 you will not want to climb to more than 3500' slow down once you get over the small lake and then get ready for a quick descent on left base to short final. If you don't plan your speed you will have to go around. For 21 try maintaining 3500' over the aerodrome and then cut the engines and try for an emergency landing. Or leave AQY at dusk and find the strip with no RWY lights.



PAJN, Juneau to 7AK2, Snettishan

Take off from Juneau and head east following the Gastineau Channel. Climb to 5,500' and take in the view for a few minutes before you have to start planning your descent. If you are heading for RWY 33 I like to descend through the mountains just south of the strip, or you can follow the water right in and have a more leisurely descent. I have not tried to land on RWY 15. This is another nice one to depart at dusk or add 7/8 stratus from 0' to 1000' descend to minimums (500') and try to find the strip. PAOH, Hoonah is another nice destination from Juneau, nothing particularly challenging about it though.



Locarno, Switzerland to Lugano, Italy

Just a nice trip through the Alps. Some tight turns into Lugano if you aim for 01.



VNRT, Rumjatar to VNLK, Lukla

I don't think I need to say anything about this one. I only mention it for the few who don't already know about it. Leave VNRT and head north climbing to 11,000', default scenery didn't quite get VNLK right but may have made it more challenging because you have to do a tight left turn just before touching down.Always fun, especially with gusting crosswinds



Stay low, follow the river, and enjoy looking, then prep for a landing that is not easy, but not insane.


London City- a single short runway in docklands with water and some tall buildings around it, try it in a strong crosswind


I have been flying to unusual destinations and came across a challenging approach I thought I would share. Fly to the airport in the capital of the Comoros Islands, Moroni. The airport is Prince Said Ibrahim (FMCH). Land on runway 02, it has ILS.

The approach to the runway is on a downward slope from a large volcano on the island. You need to turn onto final pretty sharpish otherwise you will crash into the side of the volcano. Crank up the autogen to max (don't worry - the scenary is not that amazing so won't kill your machine) and it becomes more hair-raising. The terrain slope down to the airport means that the trees are very close to the airplane during the approach.


If any hotshots want to try replicating Amelia Earharts last flight in FSX, 2556 miles from Lae to Howland Island, here's the background-

It was mostly a night flight, taking off at midnight July 2nd 1937 (GMT) with ETA over Howland Island around 0730, The US Navy Vessel 'Itasca' was near the island sending out a radio beacon signal for her but apparently her radio direction-finding gadget was playing up and she simply couldn't see the mile-wide island. Later the Itasca put up smoke to help her but apparently she never saw it.

WIKI- "The many scattered clouds in the area around Howland Island have also been cited as a problem: their dark shadows on the ocean surface may have been almost indistinguishable from the island's subdued and very flat profile"Howland Island co-ordinates- 0°48′07″N 176°38′3″W




Challenging downhill approach real life pics-








MORE PRANGS:- https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?248236-Oops



From Andy Johnston- Try putting down at KTRX. Nothing like dodging water towers on short final to keep you on your toes.


From Rupert- Lukla in Khatmandu to Paro. I'd bet a six pack of Becks on how many people get a Passenger jet of any size down safely on their 1st attempt.

Go to Wikipedia and enter Paro & they will tell you all about it. I think there are less than 10 passenger pilots in the world authorized to make that landing.

And years ago I rode in the belly of a DC-3 that landed on Santa Catalina Island. One of the scariest landings I've ever watched from the cabin!!!



Below- Challenging landing- Mountain Air (2NCO) in North Carolina seems to be running through a golf course-





Freeware Lockheed Orion approaching Aspen, Colorado in snow-




But for a challenge crank down the visibility slider and try not to bump into any mountains-



(Note you can crank it down in any weather, even a clear summers day to instantly produce mist or fog)



Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport is interesting because not only does the single runway stick out into the bay, but there's also this range of hills and buildings smack on the approach, it was closed in 1998 but is still in FSX, as "Hong Kong Intnl (old) VHHX"-




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'What do I do to keep FSX interesting?'

Well, lots of things, searching on the internet for websites and forum posts about interesting airports is fun, I often use the ORBX google earth overlay to choose my next airport to visit, I agree with the 'creek' ending airports are often challenging! Here it is the scenery not the planes you should be interested in, you can use the same C185 again and again. There are also easter eggs like Kiluea (however you spell it) volcano, and New Year fireworks, then interesting scenery like landable carriers (can you get a jet on it?) and also did you know you can land on the overseas highways (Florida)? I know this all sounds very childish but it certainly keeps it interesting! Also flying a jet then setting an engine on fire from the failures menu, other silliness includes flying airbus aerobatics (turn the flybywire off), mowing the lawn in a Pitts, upside down in a 747, then flying through cities like between the skyscrapers of NY or through tower bridge in London. Sometimes I just can't resist finding out 'Do you think my PA28 will land in that field?'

A good website which also has advice on spectacular approaches is 'Sim Rewards' I think it's called, or 'FSX Missions' or something like that. Approaches can be interesting too, not just spectacular ones but do you ever feel that last landing wasn't as good as it could have been?

1). Go to any major airport

2). Go to the FSX Map

3). Place your plane on the end of the glideslope, at 1500 feet AGL and 150 knots for a jet, 80 for a prop

Hey presto, ready to shoot approaches! Save the flight so the setup is there for the future, come back tomorrow, load it and swap your dash 8 for a 767 or whatever aircraft you want today. Set up cosswinds or low visability or whatever, that setup described above really is a starting point and a good one at that. The reason I said pick a major airport is so you have an ILS appearing on the map, theoretically you can pick any airport but you'll have to guess where to put your plane.

I rarely fly full flights with jets though I have lots, many payware. I normally just practice take offs, landings and sometimes touch and gos or engine outs. Its mainly time constraints that stop me flying 'properly' (flightplans and VATSIM and NDBs etc) but I think I know how to make the most of my time!

I buy payware about once a month, not just when I'm bored though it can boost interest a lot for a week or two, depending on how big the scenery area is or how many liveries the plane came with. Really, it isn't needed to have a good time, it just makes the time better, particularly scenery

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E4400@2.00 GHz

4.00 GB RAM (3GB useable: DDR2)

Nvidia GEFORCE 9500 512MB Graphics Card

Windows 7 32-bit

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My latest toy is this freeware 'Chuck Yeager's Bell X-1', the real one had a rocket engine which is simulated in FSX by a jet engine which I like to switch off at high alt so i can glide in for a landing like Chuck did.


PIC 1:- I've cut the engine and shall try to land on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor (just below the nose)-



PIC 2:- gear down, full flaps and spoilers plus some hard left/right banks have slowed the kite to a civilised speed-



PIC 3:- touchdown at 180 kts and am standing on the brakes-



PIC 4:- I barely stopped in time and rolled into the weeds at the other end but at least I can walk away for tea and medals..


Note- key to success is to not worry too much about landing too fast, but watch your sink rate or the dreaded crash message comes up.

The Aircraft Realism crash tolerance slider was set to halfway.

I crash the X-1 about half the time at the moment. I might crank up the slider to (gulp) full realism when I get more experienced with the machine.


PS- I've always thought the default water in Pearl (and other shallows around the world) is too bright blue, is there a fix somewhere to dull it down a bit?

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Flying real world routes with all SIDS, Stars, pre-flight calculations etc... etc.. still excites me. Finding routes and dep. arr. procedures online is half the fun of flying for me :)





Acer Aspire M5811,Intel i5@2.67GHz,MSI GTX760 2GB,6GB DDR,Saitek Yoke

Win7 Home Premium 64bit FSX+Acceleration,ASN,REX4,UTX,GEX,RC4,PMDG,Assorted Airports

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This is a hard one for me to answer. I've tried free planes, sceneries, etc. and it'll keep me interested for a bit, until I get bored yet again and don't fly for awhile.


Then the itch comes back, and I'm back in the virtual skies. I can't explain why I get bored, however...

CLX - SET Gaming Desktop - Intel Core i9 10850K - 32GB DDR4 3000GHz Memory - GeForce RTX 3060 Ti - 960GB SSD + 4TB HDD - Windows 11 Home
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Still on the theme of 'keeping FSX interesting', here's something you can do with any glider such as this freeware Horsa-


PIC 1: Start anywhere and hit 'Y' to enter slew mode, then hit 'F4' to go up like a rocket, then hit 'Y' to exit slew and look around for any landing spot you fancy.

I'll try for that one (circled), so my men can leap out and seize the end of the bridge from jerry-



PIC 2: drop the flaps and point the nose at the landing spot, don't worry too much about getting your speed down (trust me, the brakes on this thing are phenomenal)-



PIC 3: Piece o'cake, good show chaps, the trick is to stand on the brakes at the instant of touchdown and it'll come to a stop within about 50 yards-



I might try it at night too like the real guys did when they seized Pegasus Bridge-


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QUOTE - Scatterbrainkid:

"YLHI- Lord Howe Island, Australia - Located midway between Australia and New Zealand, the default scenery is lacking, but addons are available for improvement."


I agree, Lord Howe Island is a great airport but you do need an addon for sure :)


Also, I have tried to fly in St Barts but it's nothing like real like, do I need an addon for that??

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