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Tutorial: How to Fly the Longitude Part 4 | TOGA Button | Go-Around/Missed Approach


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Go-Around and missed approach procedures in the Citation Longitude are demonstrated in Microsoft Flight Simulator.


The decision to do a go-around or a missed approach can vary based on many different factors. Procedures are the same regardless of the factor for doing a go-around or missed approach.


Learn what 6 important tasks happen when the TOGA button is pressed. One important step in doing a go-around after the application of max power, is pressing the Takeoff and Go-Around or TO/GA button. Pressing the TOGA button in the Longitude accomplishes 6 tasks, one of which is adjusting the flight director to a climb attitude, but one very important and sometimes frustrating event happens that almost everyone has probably missed at some point and wondered "What is going on with the FMS?"


After reading and following the missed approach procedure, checklist guidance and questions regarding the hold and what to do while in the hold are discussed.


This is part 4 of the Longitude series. To start at part 1 in the playlist, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlJbYfeBbvg


Charts in the video are made available by Navigraph - https://navigraph.com


The Longitude manual for MSFS can be found in PDF form here: https://flightsimulator.azureedge.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Cessna-Model-700-Operators-Guide.pdf


Joining the channel helps support the channel. Become a channel member and get access to a custom made CJ4 Checklist for MSFS as well as a TBM 930 custom made checklist, climb, cruise, and descent performance charts as well as a basic overview of important speeds and more. Join here.





Youtube channel
The Corporate Pilot Guys Podcast

About The Author

This video is produced by thecorporatepilotdad. He has been a FlightSim.Com member for close to twenty years and using Flight Simulator since back in the day of FS98 and FS2000. He is also a professional pilot with over 7000 hours of real world flight experience ranging from Cessna 152s to super-mid size business jets.

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